Sunday, July 26, 2015

Answer Me This: My Yearly Appearance

I promised Kendra before she began this summer's edition of Answer Me This that'd I link up.

"Oh sure" I said, "I'll be able to link up a couple times!" I said. And yet, here I am for the first time, and mostly because I noticed that this is the last week Kendra is posting questions so I'm really coming in under the wire.

But more importantly -- Congratulations to the wonderful Kendra and her sweet family on beautiful Mary Jane! She looks like a perfect match to the Tierney kids so far, so I'm sure she'll be pulling her weight in no time! I'm so glad she's here safely and I'm glad Kendra finally decided to get on board the home birth train with me...

1. What's your favourite grocery store splurge?

Haha, this is such an unfair question for me because -- I've got splurges. And they're mostly just for me and completely selfish. I'm not even going to say flowers, because frankly, they shouldn't really be a splurge, they should just be a household expense when you can fit them in because they bring beauty and joy to your home, especially in the depths of winter in Canada and you haven't seen anything growing in months. Just saying.

I do like to splurge on grocery store sushi. But it's made right there, by these little Japanese women who look completely legit, and it tastes great! So great that I feel guilty having it on Fridays because it's the opposite of a sacrifice when it comes to not eating meat.

I also really like to buy expensive cheese from Costco. And croissants from Costco. The two kinda go together. Even though the croissants and cheese are the exact recipe for not losing weight and are exactly what I shouldn't be eating. But sometimes it just tastes so good! Actually, it tastes good all the time, but holding back and not buying them every time in a big leap in my temperance.

And I'll just stop there because there are more questions.

2. How's your penmanship?

Okay, seeing it on the screen makes it look like chicken scratch.

I feel like my penmanship is decent. I wish it was prettier of course, but it's fairly unique because I think I've kinda created a strange and unique font for myself from combining my cursive and different calligraphy. I used to do calligraphy. Why? Because...homeschooled. I was a very nerdy homeschooler. It's nothing special now but that's where my strangeness has come from. I probably could attribute all my strangeness, and not just strange penmanship, to homeschooling. But we'll let that slide.

3. Do you have a "summer bucket list"?

What winter?

I'd never have anything so formal/committed because I'm not a list maker or a goal maker for that matter. But we do not have a problem with taking summer for granted because...Canada. We really do treasure the warm months and try to do as much as possible out doors to enjoy it all. It happens fairly naturally though and really changes up our daily routine and what we do for fun.

Some things we HAVE to do according to the kids who take to traditions really easily like swimming lessons at our nearby lake, berry picking, campfires and s'more eating, slip n sliding, ice cream eating,  eating straight out of the garden. Nothing crazy but all those wonderful summer time things.

I love to stay out late until it's actually dark, have a glass of whiskey, maybe smoke a cigar and enjoy the warm nights. I also really love summer reading, and making even more time in my usual day to just read and enjoy. And having a couple picnics. I'd like to do all those things and try to avoid getting sunburnt. Simple pleasures.

4. What's the best thing on the radio right now?

There's still radio, that's still a thing?? I thought Taylor Swift shut down that unjust distribution of artist's music?? Honestly, I never listen to the radio anymore. I listen to Spotify and I'm usually planted firmly in Folk/Indie stuff with a helping of ridiculous pop to get me through the witching hour of suppertime. I really like Imagine Dragons cover of Blank Space right now. And other than that I'm a sucker for some Maroon 5 in the summertime.

My usual time for listening to the radio, when I drive to the city which takes three hours there and back, is now usually devoted to podcasts and kids music, Glory Stories, or books on tape. I'm so old.

5. Ice cream or frozen yogurt? 

I think I can honestly say that I've never had any frozen yogurt that would make me want it more than ice cream given the option. Ice cream is just better because...fat. It's true. The texture, the creaminess, the flavour, it's all better with ice cream. I've been eating a lot more ice cream this summer than in the winter, and I don't regret it at all. Or wish for frozen yogurt. There. My policy has been set in stone.

6. Have you had that baby now?

Ahhh! Yay! I'm still so happy for Kendra, and I'm really excited for my other friends who are expecting imminently and over the rest of the summer. I know how hard the last days are and how long they feel and what a blur the newborn days are. It all equals such a momentous time and my prayers are with you! Yay babies!

I did it! Head over to Kendra's to check out everyone's great answers, you won't regret it like you might regret that fat free frozen yogurt...

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  1. Haha, I love your comment about Taylor Swift. Somehow, radio has escaped so far.

  2. I think your sushi comment is great; I've definitely had that thought before. But then I usually banish it from my mind and eat the sushi instead :)


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