Friday, January 11, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 28

Linking to wonderful Jen again this week, make sure you go visit her and pray for her recovery. Is their a patron saint of lung issues?? There must be. Probably half the blogger world has found that out by now...moving on...


I think I'm finally coming out the other side of my beyond-annoying sinus cold/infection(?). Without fail  I will come down with a weeks long sinus infection during pregnancy. I use every natural trick known to man, every vitamin, oil, sleeping position, but I've been so congested since before New Years. It makes me question what sinus' are for actually. Do we ever notice them when we're healthy?? Uh, no. Oh cold medication! I miss you almost as much as alcohol...and yet I can't remember a time where I wasn't pregnant and needed to take something...the irony...

But! I think this time I complained a whole lot less than usual. A sinus cold is waaaay down on the list of maladies when I read about what other pregnant women go through, i.e. Jen, so I offered up my pathetic sufferings. I know, my holiness is astounding.


(That's my baby preggo size pint. It. Was. Delicious.)

In "Stop the Presses" news this week we went to the city AND went out on a date to a concert!! I honestly couldn't remember the last time we did such a crazy thing but it turned out to be a lot of fun. We got a little dinner, a little coffee, leisurely showed up for the concert, sat through the whole concert uninterrupted. It was all so bizarre! And got back to the in-laws at the outrageous time of 11:30 pm! 

The romantic husband I have said, "Going out really makes me remember how much work it is and how much I like staying at home." Lucky for him and our lifestyle then!


iPhone not the greatest for dark concert pics.

We saw Blue Rodeo at said concert. And I know if you're reading from the good ol' US of A you've probably never heard of them but they're probably the greatest Canadian band ever. They're old and on their 25th anniversary tour, but their music is classic in the sense that it seems timeless. They also completely defy genres and somehow are rock, country, blues, jazz, dare I say gospel?, sounding at times. I've loved them forever and grew up on them. It was the third time we've seen them live and they're awesome musicians so its always more than worth it. So go-listen to them-youtube them, pandora them, do whatever you gotta do!


Finally starting to get back on track around the house! It always feels sorta good getting back on track after Christmas. Does that make me a mom or what?! January always gives me this strange and unheard of desire to just reorganize everything. Like my bookshelves, and the bulletin board, and closets. Its weird. We'll see if I actually make progress on it but I think just having the desire to organize should be prize-worthy somehow.


Max is in full on teething mode. He's been wailing if I put him down, and he's getting heavy enough and I'm getting big enough to make it a tiring combination. He's also very mommy-clingy lately. I'm not sure if he knows his successor is nearing the end of incubation and he's gotta get his time in while he can, or if he just innocently loves his mother. But wails and gnashing of teeth happen every time I leave the room. 


I popped into a thrift store yesterday for the first time in months and there was a great chair, but was already marked "sold!". I can't get it out of my was the chair I've been looking for for months! Of course it needed to be recovered...but now I keep thinking about all the cute things I would have done to it. Argh...thrift store regret is the worst!


So with all the excitement of going to the city mid week and having had to pack everyone up and take them there, a late(ish) night, and another day of grocery shopping and driving I'm feeling kinda exhausted and think I should just rest this weekend. Those are my exciting weekend plans. Good thing its also completely freezing outside and theres football on all weekend. But lets just say I'm growing a baby and not being lazy right? 

Everyone have a good weekend! And if you're catching up on Downton...good luck to you!


  1. Ugg I hate it when you see something that you have been dreaming about and it is sold! That happened to me with a faux fireplace heater! Maybe that means there is a better one out there waiting for you.

  2. Oh Paul. Chuck and I had a good chuckle. Glad you had a good date! Sounds great!


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