Wednesday, January 9, 2013

An Introduction of Sorts

Well, hello to everyone clicking over from Conversion Diary! I had a minor heart attack when Jen linked to me yesterday. Having one's blog hero read this crazy little blog is fairly overwhelming, but having her link here is pretty much the fulfillment of one of my life goals. Like a couple below meeting the Pope, but a couple above having my wardrobe entirely made up of Kate Spade. So pretty awesome!

But I would like to introduce myself somewhat, because I think when you boil blog reading down we really only read blogs about people we know somewhat and actually like. Hopefully these people write things that are interesting or lead interesting lives or at the very least live a life that you completely disagree with but for some reason can't look away from.

My name is Christy Isinger and I'm an at home mom to four kidlets, plus one gestating(!), up here in the Canadian wilderness. And by wilderness I mean 15 miles from the nearest town of 1000 people, over 100 miles from the nearest urban centre. I've been Catholic since...forever...and have no dramatic conversion tale to tell but instead grew up in a very Catholic home and was...wait for it...homeschooled through the entirety of my school years. I then went to very Catholic post-secondary schools where I had whats turned out to be my only real experience of being around other Catholics in my age group. For some reason I've ended up living in such small towns with my siblings and now with my kids that we've always been the only every-Sunday Catholics under 40 in our parishes! Obviously this kind of crazy isolation is to blame for my holding onto my own crazy opinions so staunchly, but thankfully I've got great Catholic friends that just don't happen to live near me to provide some outside perspective!

Thankfully I've somehow kept the faith, most likely thanks to my great husband of 6 years whom I am entirely undeserving of, but who also was a cradle Catholic and homeschooled-yikes! homeschooled couples! So now we've got our hands more than full with 5 babies in 6 years. Its kinda a gong show around here. Here on the blog I try to write about this crazy life and how I'm trying to live in the glowing truth of the home being the fountain of all important things in life, while at the same time trying not to lose my sanity over the 500 times I get asked for crayons, bananas, bum wipes, etc. within a 10 minute period. And (surprise, surprise) how living the Catholic faith isn't as easy as all those saints make it out to know those saints who lived comfortably, amassing private wealth and popularity, while gliding up to heaven...oh that isn't how they lived?? And sometimes I write about books because I'm an obsessive reader of sorts. Actually, I just write about whatever pops in my head and we all hope for the best! So please poke around and feel free to leave a comment or two, its been so nice meeting you new and wonderful people!


  1. Hi Christy! Loved your introduction!! Also, your family picture is adorable!

  2. Yes, I linked from Jennifer and am so glad that she "introduced" you! Loved your post and checking out your blog - you have a beautiful family!

  3. Wow, that is so interesting! I didn't know all that about you - now I'm even more excited to read your blog.

  4. Omgoodness you are the cutest thing ever. And you're only a little bit older than me so I probably shouldn't say condescending things like that, but it's really completely true. My Kolbe was born only three months after your Max and it was -20 (without the windchill) on my wedding day, so . . .I think it's fate that Jen linked to you. I'm certainly happy she did.

    Oh! And you read the Anchoress. And Wellness Mama. Gasp. It's official. We're friends like a one-way road.

  5. Very nice to meet you! Although I "know" you from IG, so we're totally friends already, right? :) I love this photo of your family, so pretty! And as an Okie who hates summer and heat, haha, I kind of love the idea of "the Canadian wilderness." Ah, sweater weather! For months! Cant wait to look around some more.... heather


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