Friday, January 18, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 29

Happy Friday everyone! Linking up to the fine takers again this week, and yay for Jen feeling better!


Its been relatively decent weather this week, and my sibs have taken some hits for the team and actually dressed my kids up and taken them outside for me! This is actually a huge deal. 1) Because its a crap load of work getting that much snow gear on wiggling people, 2) because I'm starting to get outrageously awkward and uncomfortable and this kind of thing seems a physical mountain I don't want to climb and most importantly, 3) getting kids dressed to go outside in the winter is one of my top three daily chores that makes me swear like a sailor.


Naturally, instead of being grateful for those couple days of getting the kids outside for 10 minutes of kid-free almost silence, yesterday it snowed all day and I thought I was going to go loco from cabin mccabin fever! You'd really think I'd have better tolerance for this in January...


This is a bizarre story, it kinda makes the mind boggle as to how mix ups in breastmilk given to newborns can be so easily confused and why a woman with hepatitis would even be allowed to donate breastmilk. And I know it doesn't happen often, but this feeds my home-birth fanaticism. It also proves that should anything go not according to plan with this in utero child's birth, (I'm trying to accept and be open and trusting to all possibilities but it takes me awhile to reach that point!) that I will most likely be a crazed psycho mother who will not let anyone else touch her newborn. Just warning everyone.


I may be slightly obsessed with Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals show. And by slightly I mean I can watch it for relaxation purposes. Thank goodness the man cranks out new shows almost as often as I bake babies. I also think I have more of an affinity towards him when pregnant...and I can't figure out why because I have zero of my usual enjoyment in cooking while pregnant. Its a weird phenomenon.


We're, and by "we're" I mean my husband, has been working on renovating our basement to fit another bedroom down there. We've got drywall up so I guess I should start thinking about paint colours. Which is always the fun part of a project, but I've been pacing myself to not get too excited because who knows when the whole thing might actually be ready for paint.


I've been cleaning up my photos this week and I'm still editing pictures from back in November, but I would swear to you that all those things happened yesterday not two months ago! Its a sappy mom cliche I know, but time is really flying by and its so crazy to think about. Stop growing children! Except potty train yourselves! And learn how to cook!


Anyone read Parenting With Grace by the Popcak's? Its a tome so I'm sure it'll take me multiple years to finish but I like that so far its very committed to parenting ideals within the Catholic framework. I always think when reading Christian/Evangelical parenting books that they have to spend so much time justifying the point of view they're coming from before actually laying out parenting tips. Its so much work to constantly have to back up every little idea you have with quotes from the Bible. At the very least when you're Catholic and following the Magisterium so much groundwork is done!

That's it for me, everyone have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love the photos! SO adorable!

  2. "Parenting with Grace" is definitely worth picking up. I confess I haven't read it cover-to-cover, but the sections I have read are gems. One day, I'll get around to reading the whole thing. Probably when it's too late.


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