Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 in 12- A year in kid photos!

Because I'm procrastinating about this whole introspection/goal setting business I'm most definitely linking-up with Dwija and giving you 12 riveting kids photos for 2012! Cute kids are such a good distraction! And I feel my once-a-pregnancy sinus infection coming on so I don't know if I could think straight anyway, hopefully these photos are from the right months.

January: Max at 1 month being held tortured by Gemma. I think by the time the fourth child gets thrown in its a bigger adjustment for the baby to get used to the family, not the other way around!

February: We got the babe baptized! Parental duties partly fulfilled! Happy day! (And this is my favourite picture from the baptism because obviously no one was paying attention to Dominic putting the collection basket on his head!)

March: Clearly Max has now adapted to our crushing schedule and is fitting in just fine with the Dora watching. 

April: Aww, baby's first Easter complete with forced bunny-ear-wearing.

May: Finally Spring and the greenery and the children out of doors! And apple blossoms!

June: Just some regular June outside awesomeness. 

July: Swimming lessons at the lake. And sun, sand, and heat! I can't even remember what those all feel like...

August: The farthest we made it from home all year...Calgary! But a trip to the zoo makes it seem much more exotic! 

September: This kid gets cuter and cuter and crazier and crazier. 
October: Coldest Halloween ever? Check. Snow? Check. Winter? Most definitely check. Did they love trick or treating and candy? Oh yes. Still worth it. 

November: Lukey's face says it all. Winter coming and staying in November. 

December: Max's first Christmas complete with chaos, mounds of wrapping paper, and tons of toys and chocolate. Happiness in celebrating another year with this gang of mini-crazies. I can't believe that was a whole year!? Where does the time go? 


  1. That's how I felt too when I went thru the pics: that went be really fast!!

  2. I totally agree. By the 4th baby, the family unit is so good as absorbing new members that the shock is much greater on the baby than it is the group.

    And winter always looks so pretty. In pictures. NOT IN REAL LIFE!


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