Friday, January 25, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 30 (Or the Pregnancy Insanity Edition)

Joining the not-insane, pregnant lady Jen and all the other great takers this week as per usual.

Be forewarned - so much preggo whining...


My reaction to the week as well

It was a top notch week in which I meal planned, freezer cooked, DIY-ed, outfit put together, crafted with three toddlers, and felt spectacular about life. Oh wait. I didn't do any of that. I completely hit the third trimester wall and all I wanted to do, and had the energy for, was lie around. I am not a fan of just lying around. 


He's not in the third trimester but definitely crazy

Soooo the third trimester of pregnancy has been officially declared a mental disorder right?? 
Because it really should.
I'm constantly irritable and grumpy. Everyone and everything annoys me. I really should ban myself from Facebook because all I want to do is comment "This is stupid." on everything.  I'm sure I'm a real treat to live with too.
And of course theres the constantly fluctuating emotions, flying between anxiety to guilt to frustration to well....every kind of emotion. I'm constantly second guessing my thoughts to probe if its just a hormonal hallucination or an actual thought based on reality and fact. Its a mental tightrope!


I'm starting to believe that the ancient tradition of woman going out to be by themselves, or with another wise woman, for the last couple months of pregnancy was a great idea that we've been totally mistaken in getting rid of. Actually that's probably where that whole idea of "confinement" you always read about in British novels came from...


I will need many servants for my "confinement"

Whoa. How awesome would it be to holed up in the country house while servants waited upon you?! I could really go for a confinement right about now...


I'm thinking I should be feeling guilty about not leaving the house this week. And not getting my kids out of the house this week. The weather wasn't too peachy, and that whole couch thing was calling my name. Now I kinda feel I just shouldn't break my streak I have going...good thing theres always Mass to get to!


I swear one of these days I'm going to write about NFP. I swear! I feel like there must be something more written than the almost saccharine "in love with NFP, NFP is so great, NFP is so easy!" posts and the "NFP doesn't work even though I never follow the rules and don't really know what the rules are and now I have 2 whole children!" posts. There needs to be much broader discussions to more realistic attitudes, situations, and practices of NFP. Obviously this doesn't appeal to everybody, and it doesn't "sell" NFP, but for those of us in the trenches it would be sorta nice to know. Right?


I had an awful email exchange yesterday with a NFP medical professional belonging to a method which I will not name because I'm feeling really kind. I was asking questions about my specific charts and wanting to know further information about the circumstance I seem to be in and was responded to as if I was an uneducated child who simply refuses to follow the rules and acquiesce to the method. It was downright upsetting to me, and I'm not normally (as in when I'm not pregnant I guess) the type to get upset over things like this, but when NFP and the myriad effects it has not only on a woman, but a marriage, and pretty much every aspect of one's life is totally disregarded by someone who is supposed to be a proponent of NFP something is seriously effed the hell up. If an NFP method ever becomes more important than the woman, the couple, or treats a child as a mistake, there is something seriously wrong. The whole point of NFP is to respect the woman's body, marriage and its most intimate act, and the procreation of unique human beings. When these are not the goals of someone teaching natural family planning, or the method itself, it completely works against the spirit of natural family planning. 

Tirade over. I'm still a little upset...ok...a little more than upset...I'm working on it...

{seven and a half}

Thanks for making it through my pregnancy stream of consciousness! If you are feeling generous feel free to throw a couple prayers for me and my craziness. I'm hoping this won't last for the next two months...but I know it will! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hang in there Christy! Third trimester is a great excuse to lay on the couch all day- give yourself a break!

  2. Preach it sista!
    Your family is so beautiful and I am SO sorry you had that encounter with the evil NFP person. I've toyed with becoming an instructor, but I think that everyone that saw me would just get pregnant, because I LOVE babies!!

    But seriously, sorry about the hormones working against you too, I am in the crazy postpartum phase where I snap at people when they are least expecting it and don't deserve it, no fun for anyone.

    Said a prayer for you just now :)

  3. Ah! I'm COMPLETELY on board with going into confinement! I feel like it's in the best interest of the expecting mother AND her spouse and family! I'll say a prayer for you and your third trimester struggles. It really sucks :(

    And as for the insensitive NFP instructor and issues there, my heart goes out to you; I've so been there! It seems to me that when it comes to a lot of these body/family/fertility things (I'm thinking breastfeeding, childbirth, NFP) some people biologically have an easier or harder time in certain areas. Furthermore, the people who have an easier time think it's all due to them and want to preach to everyone that they've got all the answers and if you're having a problem with xyz, it's clearly due to user error!!! And like you said, these are such intimate, sensitive things and it's so incredibly hurtful to be dismissed by people who basically tell you to your face that you're to blame.

    Hang in there, Christy!

  4. Found your blog through the link up! Hang in there! My mood swings weren't all the time (okay, I guess my husband might disagree...), but when I did get irrational, oh my goodness, it wasn't pretty.

    So sorry to hear about the NFP professional. I am lucky and my teacher puts our family first while still being faithful to the method so I am incredibly grateful for that. Hope that person was just having a bad day, and you don't always have to deal with that.

    Please do write about NFP! I would so enjoy it because there isn't really a happy medium out there, I feel like I am in the middle (love philosophy of NFP, but it's hard for us since God gave me a confusing body and I'm breastfeeding!, but I have only be doing it for less than two years so I don't think I am qualified to write anything!

    Okay, end of novel. Happy Weekend!

  5. I'm not pregnant and I still want to comment "this is stupid" on facebook all the time. Also, I think your idea for an NFP post is most definitely needed!! Throwing some prayers your way! :))


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