Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vintage Miraculous Medal Etsy Find!

You know who wishes she could blog more? Or with at least some semblance of consistency? Me! But that's what an empty nest is for...or will blogging be around when that ever happens for me??

Anyways! I just wanted to post this sweet little Miraculous Medal ring I found on Etsy. I saw it while making some random searches and loved it and bought it instantly. I love vintage holy medals, but a Miraculous Medal ring seems very rare indeed! This one has the tiniest blue medal with a barely visible imprint of the Blessed Mother, and its sweet tarnished band is vintage perfection. I love how sweet it is. I found it through the lovely little shop of Vintage In Bloom which has lots of sweet vintage treasures. And I hope to post on some more Catholic-esque shops soon!

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  1. That's wonderful? Have you seen the little felt saints, there's few etsy stores who make them. They're my favorite Catholic thing on etsy - other than some amazing rosary stores.


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