Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm a summer wimp!

You know how about 11 months out of year I complain about how cold it is?? Well get ready for this one...its WAY TOO HOT! I swear its a strange and bizarre irony of Canadiana to always be capable of complaining about the weather. Its the second day of above 30 degree celsius temperatures and everyones acting as if life as we know it may soon come to a complete grinding halt. And its also humid! I know...fairly unbelievable for Alberta, and it feels so other words yucky.

We've been up to lots of fun, but I've been run off my feet and have taken a shameful lack of photographic evidence. My picture taking really takes a nosedive when I have an infant in need of boob time I think. I'm detecting a theme, those spare couple moments I'd get my camera out is now used up by giving a child sustenance.

I had a sad moment of "mommy-irrational-sentimentality" the other day when I was at the lake watching the kids build sandcastles and splash and fight over the grimiest toy shovel we own...its unbelievable that they'll never be as little as they are this summer, they won't enjoy the same small excitements in quite the same way by this time next year, will their faces and hair and features change by then? See, sentimental.

As of right now I've got a great little 5 year old Gemma who is truly living up to the "5 Year Old: Sunny and Serene"* title. She lives joyfully in the moment, not worrying about the past, not fearing the future, just enjoying the beauty and fun around her. Its such a nice age and she's such a fun person.

Dom is still a very conscientious three year old. He's beyond observant, particular in his desires, but adventurous enough to enjoy fun opportunities when presented. He adores his dad. I can't even remember how long its been since I've been his favourite. There may have never been that time. He's also the least cuddly, maybe that has something to do with it.

Luke is hitting the two and a half disequilibrium and it. is. a. bitch. He wakes up in the morning, makes demands, and no matter how patient and kind I am he screams, shouts, demands again. He is usually very easy going and fun loving, but lately he's been the most unwilling to go with the flow. I'm chalking it up to the age in order to retain some hope for the future. He's still mischievous beyond all reason, so I try to enjoy even his happy destruction when it happens. Lets grow out of this stage soon.

Max is pretty much crawling at 6 months. I can't express my unhappiness with this fact enough. Haha, I promote immobility in my infants. It just makes life easier. But there is pretty much no holding this little lean man back. His arms seem very strong, and his big toes have some kind of propulsion that gives him the ability to go anywhere he wants. So...its going to be a gong show around here with 4 people who can move on their own accord and only one mom who wishes they didn't.

There. Baby update complete.

* I've been reading the series by Drs. Ames and Ilg about child development for specific ages and I've liked them much more than I thought I would. They are very good common sense, yet researched approach to child development that gives me a good reminder about the abilities of each baby...I'm going to have to buy all of them! 


  1. I get so sentimental especially around their birthdays...Maria turning 5 was a hard one for me! I feel like now they are almost teenagers...........

  2. Loved this! Reading about the kid's personalities is such a delight. When you figure out how to get Luke out of the terrible twos, let me know and I'll send Theo your way!

  3. I was about to say the same as Tara. Andrew seems to be hitting this stage a little late and the irrational screams and demands are almost comical.


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