Monday, July 16, 2012

My best thrift shopping E.V.E.R.

I had one of my best thrifting days ever on Friday. I think it may have surpassed that storied day when I bought about 12 brass birds and I Married Adventure for $3.99! I walked into the Sally Ann for the first time since I had Max and hit the bookshelf first to feast my eyes on this baby:

I almost completely geeked out and let out a small high pitched shriek, but held myself together although I did rip it off the shelf and then clutch it to my bosom in record time! There is so much satisfaction in finding a fabulous copy of one of your favourite books I can't even describe it.

And then these beauties were in the store window:

The Our Lady of Perpetual Help print is gorgeous, seems pretty old and genuinely from Italy. Its really gorgeous and has a really nice aged, vintage-y patina that it awesome. I think I'm going to keep it in the little frame as well because it makes it seem so unassuming and old-ish. The portrait is kinda sweet and I have an intense desire to have a hip oil portrait gallery wall one heres hoping it will work out for me. The poor portrait is in what could possibly be the worlds ugliest frame of all time:

This picture doesn't to it justice. Its the grime-iest plastic ever. Really, really bad.

I'm not sure where these two pieces will end up in my house. I just know I love them a lot. 

I come up against the old..."how many religious art pieces should one put on just one wall" problem time and time again.

I also picked up this book:

I've never read it. And partly bought the book because I loved the type and colour combo. But the movie with Rock Hudson is out of this world awesome. Quite possibly the best tear-jerker of all time, and Rock Hudson at his dreamiest. Please go watch it right now. 

So one of my most beloved books in a 1945, second edition came in at a whopping $1.00.

The Our Lady of Perpetual Help print was $30.00 and my little portrait of mama and babe was $12.99. 

Magnificent Obsession also was a whole dollar. 



  1. I came home with a complete "Thomas the Train" track set and a picture of "Our Mother of Light" for a whopping $8 today! (Pictures on my twitter) I love a good thrifting adventure and that vintage Brideshead is amazing!

  2. We were just browsing old books yesterday! I could do it for hours. Awesome finds- lucky duck!

  3. So happy to hear someone else call it the Sally Ann.

    I never can tell if the confused are the uninitiated (non-thrifters), or if we somehow made that one up in our house.

    Seems pseudo universal, now!


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