Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some Summer Exploits

I've been so MIA from the interwebs for the last week because the littles had swimming lessons at our nearby lake. Its about 15 minutes away and its the perfect little kid lake. Warm water, plenty of sand, nice shallow depth for almost as far as the eye can see and no awful bird excrement to worry about this year! Sadly in Alberta this is something these itsy bitsy lakes contend with every other year or so...its gross, God had mercy in keeping it away this year or else I woulda gone crazy washing and rewashing children!

The swimming lessons are sponsored by the town's Lion's Club and it costs just a ridiculous $5 bucks for the entire week. The kids have the greatest time, but it meant that we spent the greater portion of each day last week at the lake. How come that means I was completely exhausted each day? I swear having four kids makes you feel old!

Add to our swimming adventures two trips to the city in two days and my house is a complete disaster area. I was hoping all the mess and laundry would just go away if I ignored them for long enough but they appear to not have gotten the hint. I can't wait to have some semblance of order around here...and a baby back on nap schedules of sorts!For me as a hermit mom, or maybe just one focused on keeping a somewhat peaceful home, after these busy times I become even more hermit like until I get back to my somewhat chaotic yet semi-functioning little home!

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