Tuesday, May 22, 2012

rainy day

We're having a  rainy day over here. Not just metaphorically either. Real honest-to-goodness rain is falling from the sky, even though it feels cold enough for it to be coming down as snowflakes! But rainy days usually make me happy as they're a rarity here in (mostly)sunny Alberta. 

Of course it looks neither so romantic or urban out my window-but green and dampish. 

Our birthday weekend extravaganza was a success! Gemma got loads of prezzies which in turn caused Dominic to become almost catatonic with jealousy, which in turn made Paul and I a bit miserable from constantly trying to stop him from taking out the jealousies out on other party-goers. You know what's a hard thing to do? Teaching people to have joy in other people's joy. I'm sure God deals with that problem a lot. 

And now today, after several pots of coffee, and being named official chief search and rescue consultant over each and every toy ever owned by 3 different whining people, I decided that coffee was not enough and extra long naps were in order. So I'm blissfully enjoying me few minutes of whine-free goodness blogging away when I should be finding something for my husband to eat should he decide to come home to casa whine. Why don't men like goat cheese and crackers as their main meal of the day??

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