Monday, May 7, 2012

Its the small thrill of it all...

Ever have a week begin with a burst of ambition, energy and good intentions? 
The kind of feeling that motivates you to start off the week with such lofty ideals like staying on top of the laundry?
Well, whenever this strange mood strikes me I can usually contribute it to the fact that I changed my sheets on Sunday. Somehow going to bed on Sunday in crisp, clean sheets seems to start me off on the right foot for the week-how long that feeling lasts I cannot guarantee!

Here's a pic I took yesterday to document the fact! Note the wrinkly sheets, etc. I do however, have a little  luxury item that I love:

Its this Pecksniff's Fresh Linen Spray in Freesia and Poppy. It makes your sheets smell like an English garden. Actually, I'm pretty sure its how Jane Austen's bedroom smelled. I found it for about $5 bucks at Homesense and it is definitely worth it! 

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