Monday, May 28, 2012

Date night at home and a small visitor

Saturday evening was beautiful. It was a gorgeous spring night, the breeze of the day had died down and all that was left was a gorgeous orange sun going down and the sweet smells of spring. We had to take advantage of this not-so-frequent evening perfection. So after we had all the kidlets tucked in the husband decided to start up a little campfire in the fire pit behind our house and I would bring the alcohol.

Just as we were lighting up the fire I look across the fence separating our "yard" from a cow pasture and see a small furry rodent gambling along. My first thought was it was another wood chuck who made a surprise visit around this time last year, but then my astute husband ventured the guess of beaver which at first I completely couldn't believe, as we live nowhere near a large enough body of water to support such a creature. But here he was! 

I've never seen a beaver this close before. And for a rodent I have to say he wasn't too revolting. 

His movement on dry land is seriously limited. He basically waddled. It was kinda hilarious to follow a beaver down the road.

Check out those bizarre feet?! 
He also slapped his tail on the ground as my husband approached for this picture. Not as loud as when they do it on water, but still fairly intimidating.

And here he is walking off into the sunset. Or down the hill behind my parents house to a small pond. He was still there yesterday, but we assume he'll move on to greener bodies of water soon.

Having your little outdoor date night interrupted by a beaver is totally normal right??!!

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