Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby stages

This munchkin is 4 months old. Its already time to start shifting his schedule to a 4 hour feeding schedule instead of three-I'm a devotee to the Baby Whisperer...I feed my babies on a schedule....I admit the mom police.

Although it seems as if one of my babies is passing from one stage to another almost constantly, its always both surprising and sad when their stages end and begin. I think I'm getting better at enjoying each present stage a bit more as I get a little more mom experience under my belt. I definitely don't feel the urge to propel Max to walking, I am over the moon in love with having even one child immobile! The prospect of 4 mobile children is a daunting one!

I love this squishy, immobile, chubby baby stage between 3 and 6 months where their little faces light up as soon as you come into their sight line and they thrive on being held for hours and hours on end...oh wait that last part??

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  1. I've actually been meaning to email you about baby schedules. I was a full-out attachment parent (to the EXTREME) with Noah, and lightened up a bit with Isaiah, and yet I still find that A.P. is actually hard on families. Well. *Our* family. I would like to hear how you implement a schedule sometime, because I think this is something I want to consider if we (hopefully) have another baby. I mean, Isaiah will be a year in two weeks and is still breastfeeding at least 5 times a day, at least once a night... and I am kind of (forgive me) through with this phase. It makes me wish I hadn't been so extreme in my "demand-feeding" because weaning probably won't be easy at this rate. What book(s) did you use or just your own motherly wisdom? :)


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