Thursday, September 8, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday vol. 6

Here I go again! Make sure to go to Jen's for the real thing!


Its been smoking hot this week. (Well, at least for Alberta.) So the the kids and I have been out in the sprinkler trying to absorb every last minute of warm sunlight. I feel like I'm storing it up for winter or something! And I may be letting my kids run around butt-nakey as Dom says. Seriously, its ok, I don't have neighbours for MILES!


Its official; the beloved husband and I have watched every episode of Burn Notice this summer. Thats 4 and a half seasons worth. But it is a pretty entertaining show that manages to maintain a fairly high level of writing, although you probably have to like the whole spy-genre to really get into it. Its definitely worth checking out though, maybe not every episode in a month or so, but worth it! 


This may just be my hormones talking but this commercial gets me every time! I know its just hawking diapers, but it is a really beautiful and simple ad that always gets me to the verge of tears. I've been meaning to post it for a while, and then a couple friends had it on Facebook this week so I thought I better get on the bandwagon! Enjoy it! 


This week I've tried to attack the unenviable chore of investigating the new music settings for the new Roman Missal. I'm the only music minister at our parish so I figured I should actually take a look at the changes. Thats right, I said only. Our parish is so little I'm basically the only one who can read music. But in reality I end up playing every weekend, while usually only preparing while we're driving into Mass. Needless to say, learning new Mass parts doesn't appeal to me much as I've been playing all known Mass parts since I was ten. I better start practicing. 


While we're talking about the new Missal, which I'm personally pumped about, do I live in the only backwater diocese that has yet to even talk about the introduction of a new Missal at Mass?! Why haven't the priests been talking about it EVERY week? How are the regular joe-schmo-go-to-Mass-every-two-monthsish catholics ever going to get a clue as to whats going on?! I think they should have been talking about it for at least the past year, but now it should be talked about at every Mass so people at least know its going to happen. It kinda drives me nuts. However, I also don't like the idea of the new Missal being an excuse to bring in jumbotrons into the sanctuary. This has happened at my in-laws mega city church as "it'll help people so much with the Missal changes". You know what will help people with the Missal changes? Going to Mass every week and paying attention!! 

Ok, rant concluded. I'll try working on these issues later.


A painting of St. Anne by Jean Bellegambe

It was the Feast of the Nativity of Mary yesterday, and I always like to think about how St. Anne felt that day. St. Anne is a smidge more relatable in the labor and birth department than the Blessed Mother. While Mary avoided the nasty effect of original sin that we like to refer to as the pain of natural childbirth, St. Anne had to do it the old-testament, I mean the old-fashioned way. I'm sure it was a normal experience labor wise, and then upon seeing beautiful Immaculate baby Mary I wonder if St. Anne looked down and thought "Whoa-this baby looks completely free of the effects of original sin!" But then I think, isn't that what every mother feels when she looks down at the tiny beautiful face of her baby for the first time? Its so beautiful that in St. Anne's case it was reality! I wonder what the big theologians think about that!

How was that for a random saint meditation?!


And in other news-I'm pregnant! And not just a little preggo, about 5 months pregnant. I thought I had to break down and say something because fairly soon I'll upload a picture in which I'm the size of a small house and no one will know whats going on! So baby number 4 is due in the middle of January. Its a little scary writing that down! I may write more on this later ;)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. ahhh Christy CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! haha for some reason I was just suspecting that you were preggo..gosh you sure like to keep it a secret from those of us who never see you! I thought I kept it in long waiting til 13 weeks!! haha... excited for you though! And jealous that you are 2 months further along than me....haha

  2. Holy smokes, Christy AND Beka are pregnant?! This is wonderful news! It was funny reading these Quick Takes when you posted the Pampers commercial and I thought, "whoa what do you mean, 'hormones'?" and I thought maybe you were expecting. But 5 months?! Good grief! That's awesome news but I am just shocked you could contain that for so long. Patrick posted on Lifesite when I was 3 weeks preggo with Isaiah... way to keep a secret. Haha. Anyway congratulations!!!

  3. Haha-thanks guys!
    I guess I'm a little wimpy when it comes to telling people, especially since most people think I'm ALWAYS pregnant!


    Congrats!! I was wondering when another one was going to make an entrance ;)


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