Monday, September 5, 2011

Juxtaposed religion shelf?

From Elle Decor this month I couldn't help but laugh a little at Gwyneth Paltrow's Favourite Things Shortlist. Not getting into my relationship with Gwyneth, I can appreciate not being able to live without Penguin Classics and I can attempt to understand not being able to live without hand painted De Gournay wallpaper, but what made me chuckle is this designer customized "religion shelf" that holds the Bible, Quran, and Tao Te Ching all at the same level. Paltrow says "its how I like to think about religion."

I think it should be renamed the Juxtaposed Relativism Shelf.


  1. oh my gosh GAG me with a spoon! If its one thing I can't stand....its relativism. We need more actors that stir the pot in hollywood:)

  2. Oh Gwynnie...can someone please tell this woman to shut up!
    However this totally made me laugh out loud Christy!!!

  3. This delighted me, Christy. My mom has a stack of Good Housekeeping magazines in her house, and I saw one a few weeks ago with Gwenyth Paltrow on the front and the tagline was "How her faith keeps her strong." I definitely cringed, because only about a month Lifesite had a blog post about her saying "religion is the reason for all the evil in the world." Enough, already, woman!


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