Friday, September 16, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Vol. 7

Linking up with Jen once again! Enjoy!


Do you think my child is out for attention when he walks up to me and says in his little one and a half year old voice "I'm cyyyying"? I laughed because he wasn't crying, he was a little whiney at his brother, but the fact that he walks up and says that with words is pretty freakin hilarious. He's a smart one.


In the "I-wish-I-had-written-that" column this week this amazing article on Music in the Liturgy. I know probably not everyone cares about this  because I'm a giant nerd and I say good for you-don't change because it'll drive you crazy most days-but since I've been doing "church music" since I was 10 I've got my share of opinions and this article is practically perfect in every way. Give it a read if you've got a couple minutes, and read everything Marc has ever written while you're at it. 


So we're thinking about buying an iPad. Crazy, I know. The husband is going to be working some overtime in the next couple weeks and so he feels as if we'll have extra spending money. I feel like its a lot of money to spend on something frivolous, and at the same time really, reaally, want one! But our rationale is I'm preggo and we're not going to be able to travel for awhile, so we don't really need to be storing up money in the ol' travel fund, and we don't have any huge purchases coming up that haven't been accounted for. I'd love one for when I'm breastfeeding, i.e. when I can't move around at will. And it would be nice to read blogs while being a blog of after-baby-ness. We'll see what happens.


Some afternoons while the littles are napping I lie on the couch and wallow for awhile. I blame pregnancy. And I've been watching Jamie Oliver's Meals in Minutes a lot and have been fairly impressed. (Why I'm watching cooking shows when the idea of cooking and all food in general is still fairly revolting to me I do not know.) I haven't really been a Jamie Oliver fan, other than his frequent wearing of old-man sweaters, in the past just because I've found his organic to the ground/unusual herb combos somewhat off-putting for some reason. But this meals in minutes business has some real, doable, family-style dinners that look incredible on tv and appear shockingly easy. I've added this cookbook to my long wish list of cookbooks. Plus the styling and production of the tv series is absolutely perfect. Its worth it just for a watch. 


In keeping with my owl fetish-isn't this bag the greatest?!
I can't for the life of me think of where I could possibly wear it, but if I had even a few remotely formal events to attend this would be my statement bag. And its Kate Spade of course!
(Definitely couldn't justify this bag over an iPad with my husband though!)


I've been putting off getting out my fall decor. When living in Canada its best to savour every second of even close-to-summer-weather for as long as possible. We definitely have enough fall and winter in our lives, you've gotta enjoy the warmth while you can! But the leaves are already starting to turn here and I've broken down and cut some fall branches for the house already. I kinda love fall-and everything that comes along with it-sweaters, fall colours, leaves, pumpkins, pumpkin spice lattes...


We have an abbreviated weekend this weekend as the beloved husband has to work Sunday, and he's building our deck tomorrow and Saturday, so it'll be a fairly quiet at-home weekend for a change. I feel as if I should bake something-but have I mentioned my oven is on fritz and we're holding out for some great deal? Its limited my cooking as well, nothing can be roasted as the oven doesn't heat up remotely to temperature and my bbq is disconnected because we've already ripped up the deck it belonged on. Hopefully we'll get this fixed soon-can't wait to have a functioning oven again!

Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. your babes are adorable!
    I also am getting out the fall decor:)
    The cool air came in this week.
    Also, glad you might get an ipad!. You are a momma who deserves a little break here and there! :)

  2. Christy- buy that purse, for the Opera!!! Did I tell you I have roomie Opera Connections and i'm going to see if I can get him to get us tickets!!!


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