Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday check-in!

Happy Monday-if thats possible! 
I always feel like randomly posting on Mondays, its almost as if I can't attempt anything too serious until I've got the week under control. So heres a little randomness:

-I spent a whole blissful half hour in Starbucks flipping through Elle Decor on Saturday just for the sheer fun of it! I pretended that I do that sort of thing all the time, and that it doesn't take coordinated efforts to have spare time in the city where I'm not running errands AND my husband and/or in laws are alright in watching 3 kids run around for a while. 

-My sister's birthday is today-Happy Birthday Alexa! Its also the feast(?) of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist...which is a weird feast day...but kinda cool at the same time...I've always teased my sister about it though, poor kid.

-My house is full of flies and its driving me nuts. Its the end of summer+living in the country+living in a pretty poorly built house which equals me vacuuming up flies every afternoon. Its pretty gross. I shouldn't be telling you about it.

-And finally, doesn't this beautiful bedroom feel like a wonderfully cozy spare room at Grandma's house?? It makes me want to curl up and read some Anne of Green Gables!


  1. Christy, of all the decor pictures you have put up, this is my favourite by far. Oh how I would love to have style like this!

  2. Ha Christy, Happy Monday (or I guess Tuesday now) to you too!!
    I hope Alexa had a fab. birthday and you guys all gorged on cake!


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