Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

Ok, I admit it, I watch an inordinate amount of time watching Top Chef and the Food Network in general. I'm pretty addicted to any sort of decent food show. I love food, love cooking, I like talking about food, I like trying to new food, I like judging food thats on tv from my couch...basically it was only a matter of time until I got around to reading this book.
Anthony Bourdain always comes off as the incredibly rude and arrogant judge on Top Chef, and although he continues to be abrasive in his book, his writing is wickedly entertaining at times and he describes with finesse the details involved in a chef's life. He describes his way working up the ladder of tough kitchens, culinary school, and then a life devoted to finding the best money in being a chef to dying restaurants in order to fuel his drug habits. 
His descriptions of life in a working kitchen are entertaining to read and make up the best of the book. There is a good amount of crude and rough language that I fully believe happens in the back of the kitchen, but it does seems to create an almost fictional atmosphere that can only happen at the hands of a good writer. Bourdain never ceases to be honest whether about food, people, his own drug addiction and his own place in the chef world which surprised me due to his large ego on tv. 
Bourdain's great writing style made this book readable and entertaining, and is still a must read for a "foodie" or food tv addict alike.

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