Friday, August 12, 2011

7 Quick Takes vol 5.

I got up the nerve to do this one more time-go to Jen's sweet blog to see the real thing! 
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We went berry picking on Wednesday! It was definitely on my to-do list for the summer and we had a good time other than becoming prey to the mosquitoes! The boys ate their fill of raspberries and then were pretty bored, but Gemma picked for the whole time until I had an ice cream bucket full. I've frozen tons of berries and no one got sick so I'm pretty sure it was a successful day!


I could eat raspberries everyday! And I usually do, but they're usually the frozen variety blended into the smoothie I call breakfast. I finally came to the conclusion after baby number 3 that a) I hardly had time to eat breakfast myself and b) I usually ate up completely useless calories for breakfast like cereal, juice, or my pregnancy nemesis: a bagel w/cream cheese! The smoothie give me a solid base of fruit for the day, and I throw in all my health and protein powders so its gotta be good for me right?


It would be remiss of me as a Mad Men fanatic not to mention the gorgeous Mad Men Collection that came out this week from Banana Republic. Its gorgeous. Its classy. I'd own every piece if I could. Even if just to wear a little dress while staying home all day ala Betty Draper! 


In other not so fun news, the stuff coming out of Britain regarding the unbelievable riots is so depressing. I don't claim to know much about the situation but this is a good article about it from The Telegraph that pretty much sums up the whole problem.


Yesterday was the Feast of St. Clare, and I just thought I'd mention it because I've always loved St. Clare. I'm not too sure if its because I visited Assisi when I was 15, or something more profound and spiritual, but I find her interesting. Its funny how some saints just grab you and others don't isn't it?


Isn't this bathroom out of control?! You've got to see the before pics from Design*Sponge. I don't think I've ever seen the rustic wood/chandelier/marble tile combo done so well before. I want this bathroom! 


My husband and I are going away to the mountains for the weekend with some good friends of ours. We're all celebrating our 5th Anniversary-which seems like a big one! Time has flown by, and I'm going to enjoy this weekend of mountains, hotel, spa, and great food to the fullest! Its going to be a while before we have another kid-free couple of days together. You've gotta enjoy every second when you can get it! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. That bathroom is gorgeous ... very European!

    And since I also have been to Assisi, I totally understand your connection to St. Clare.


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