Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What Should I Give Up For Lent? - A Conversation Between My Mind and My Conscience

Lying in bed last night I went through this tried and true mental discernment on what to give up for lent. It was so comical because I swear I think the same things every year. This year I'm going to make progress in self-displince somehow, but that how is still a big question. But I had to laugh at myself because, this, this is what goes on in my head: 

MY MIND: So Lent is coming up, what do you think I should give up, Heart? What are my biggest, most gripping struggles that need a good kick to the curb? What discipline would really realign my spiritual life? What small sacrifice could I give up for Lent? What would St. Catherine of Siena do?

MY CONSCIENCE: Well, where should we start? You want me to run through the regular list of usual suspects? We could always start with chocolate, that's what most people find to be a good sacrifice. How bout giving up chocolate?

MY MIND: Chocolate!?! Unless we're hiring a nanny for the hours between 3 pm and 6 pm then I'm going to not give up chocolate for the sake of my children.

MY CONSCIENCE: Ok, then. Most people are also willing give up alcohol as a fitting sacrifice for Lent, that would probably make us all kinds of holy.

MY MIND: I still can't give up alcohol. I'm still getting over having to give it up for some 45 months of pregnancy. I just did the mental math and that should give me 30 years worth of Lents. So there.

MY CONSCIENCE: Fine, fine, fine. Let's look at other things that may be bringing us down. What about your social media time? We spend a lot of time on Facebook getting made at stupid people, this is probably something we could cut down on.

MY MIND: Gosh, yes. If I eliminated Facebook I'd automatically cut out 50% of my cursing. But I'm home alone with small children aaalll daaaay. Come ooonnn. {long pause} Fine, I'll think about addressing social media on my phone, but I can't go whole hog, I can't do it I tell you!

MY CONSCIENCE: We could also take this opportunity to address exercise. You know how we did better working out to that Rosary workout? It seems we need a little spiritual motivation to make the exercise thing happen? What about some form of exercise for 40 days, every day? It would be a sacrifice because we're lazy, but if we prayed while doing it that would be even better! It'd be building two habits and disciplines at once!

MY MIND: Exercise. Everyday. Yes....maybe...but exercise....everyday. It's so awful sounding that sounds like a very effective sacrifice. Good option, Heart.

MY CONSCIENCE: Of course, there's always television. We could stop watching television?

MY MIND: What?! Don't you remember Better Call Saul just started? And I just started watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix?? Plus, I feel like I've actually gotten better with tv the last couple years, we're just watching a little before bed most's not that much time and we veg out's good for our marriage, really.

MY CONSCIENCE: You're doing a lot of rationalizing, Head.

MY MIND: Uh, that's what I do.

MY CONSCIENCE: There's also good things to start doing like not yelling at the kids, keeping the kitchen clean, or stop all non-essential spending. Or sackcloth, ashes, giving up eating food. But I'm not sure if that's really what the Holy Spirit is telling me, maybe I'm overreacting, maybe I don't know what I'm feeling? What time is it?

MY MIND: I don't know man, it's like, past 11... I really should be sleeping I'm so exhausted...wait what time is that doctors appointment tomorrow...did I put that laundry in the dryer...ok good talk, Heart, let's figure this out later....zzzzz....

MY CONSCIENCE: Phew, I'm tired too. Lord, let us have a good Lent. Amen, goodnight.

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  1. Ahahaha! Well, I don't know how you did it, but you nailed my own internal dialogue!

  2. Sounds like what runs through my head!

  3. Ohhh my goodness! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  4. Ohhh my goodness! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  5. Wow! There's a rosary workout? Really, truly? I've gotta check that out. Also, I just wanted to say hi! I've just started reading your blog and have found it down to earth and relatable. So glad to have found it. <3

  6. Yes! I have the same back and forth issue every year. I never seem to get my guts together enough to do the really challenging things because I convince myself that I'm either bound to fail from the get go or that my sacrifice will be a burden to those around me! I'm praying that God will help me find the right fit this year. :) thanks for the laugh! It's so good to know we're not alone.

  7. Oh my goodness I love this!!! Yes, this sounds like many conversations I've had with myself, too. So funny! Sometimes there are things (like chocolate, coffee, and wine) that, while may seem indulgent, allow us to remain charitable and patient, amiright?

  8. Yes to the No to the TV because Better Call Saul!
    Nailed that.

  9. Loved this! Thanks for making me feel normal. :)

  10. Loved this! Thanks for making me feel normal. :)

  11. Uhhhhhhh pretty sure you just read the minds of every last one of us here!

  12. Yep. I could teach a class on how to get out of stuff before Lent starts.

  13. Ohhh my goodness! I'm glad I'm not the only one! learn more about What is lent ? definition of lent


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