Friday, February 13, 2015

Seven Quick Takes vol.114

Joining Kelly and the other...less sarcastic quick takers this week!


Whoa, boy. Have I complained about being stuck inside with 5 little people in interminable winter lately? Let's just say I'm fantasizing about my own sound proof room I can lock myself in. Soundproof, with a comfy chair, a tv, wifi, and maybe an icon of a really powerful saint that I can pray to in hopes that the kids will just watch themselves and not pull apart the house from end to end. Perfect.


This week has been either grey, freezing cold, or full of snow so we really haven't gotten out. Today being Friday, and a Friday that the husband works, my patience is running below empty. I hate admitting defeat and turning on the tv for some sanity/non-yelling time but such is life today. Yesterday the sun came out, it was around freezing, I went for a luxurious walk outdoors for more than five minutes and felt like life was worth living again, only to wake up to grey and more snowing today. Not cool, weather, not cool.


Really, I don't have to do anything extra for Lent, I just have to continue living here. Done.


Just pretty.

Everywhere in my house needs cleaning! And organizing! And cleaning! I'm thinking we should just move so I don't have to touch any of it. This non-approved weather is sucking the life outta me and the idea of cleaning sticks a fork in my motivation completely. Lenten sacrifice coming right up!


In other words, we've been hibernating this week. I've been reading, the kids have been reading, we've made valentine's, baked, sewed, watched movies, we're covering the gamut of indoor activities. I also brought out secret stores of sticker books which were a big hit with the older kids and I've done the same toddler puzzles about 100 times with Max and Nora. 

These and these were awesome sticker books for my 5, 6, and 7 year olds by the way. I originally found them at Costco maybe in the late summer early fall and knew that they'd be perfect for the dark days of winter. They're really well done and I recommend them for all your indoor time-killing needs! 


Podcasting and talking to Haley every week has been saving me lately. It's so much fun talking to so many interesting women and I think our conversations are really fun and feel so much like hanging out and chatting. Which is what I like in a podcast, or at least in listening to something while I'm suffering from cabin fever!
This week we talked to our friend Bonnie and we of course had a great time, even though we were talking about Lent! It was a miracle! Bonnie had great ideas and hopefully I can implement some of them this Lent, we'll see.


I've already watched all of the new season of Downton, and since Parenthood isn't available on Canadian Netflix, because Netflix apparently doesn't want to make people happy only terribly annoyed, I've started Friday Night Lights because I have never watched it ever. And so far I'm totally hooked because I'm a sucker for a soap and have an inordinate amount of football knowledge. I am also in love with Better Call Saul so far, which is zero surprise. What have you been watching? Help the snowbound!

Hope you all have an excellent weekend, if you can get out of the house think of me!

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  1. I love FNL so bad. So so bad.
    And I'm envious you get to experience it for the first time!
    Only 3 more months of (Alberta) winter!

  2. Your Instagram yarn loveliness inspired me to pull out some skeins today to start a new little project - so that I wouldn't have to work on my big projects that never seem to be getting any bigger even though I keep working --------
    Have you watched "The Paradise?" My husband and I have been watching it on Netflix and *both* really like it. I don't think he ever watched a British tv show in his life 'till he married me :)

  3. Oh Christy! You're just starting Friday Night Lights?? I'm jealous. I look back on that particular Netflix binge with great affection. You're going to love it. And there are lots of seasons to get lost in. Sooooo gooooood.

    And I know we've got nothing on you seasoned Canadians, but we Bostonians are getting walloped this winter. I feel your pain, Christy, I really do.

  4. Aren't the sticker books great?! I wish I could ship them to you from the states from my store =(

  5. "Peaky Blinders" in Netflix is staggeringly amazing. BBC TV at it's finest!

  6. #3 made me laugh. :)

    FNL is fabulous! We love that show. Landry is my favorite. Landry and Grandma.

    We just watched Stonehearst Asylum and liked it. It's a movie, not a show, but good for a in-the-house date night maybe.

  7. I'm so sorry, Christy. Is it a consolation that you take pretty pictures? And that your children are lovely? Oh, I know! I just got an iPhone and now have already downloaded you first FoC podcast episode! Aren't you so excited for me? :) Stay sane, friend.

  8. I have been thinking about starting Parenthood, too. Is it on American Netflix?

  9. It's been a hide-in-the-bathroom-with-a-glass-of-wine kind of day.


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