Wednesday, February 18, 2015

See Me Homeschool (complete with embarrassing photos of all types)

Today I'm happy to be linking up with a wonderful homeschool linkup created by Theresa and Micaela called "See Me Homeschool".

This is only my second official year homeschooling my kids ages 7, 6, 5, 3, & 1, but I consider all the years my young children are at home full of learning and education, even if it happens in a very un-purposeful, looks-like-normal-life kinda way. Because I'm vastly outnumbered by little people I've purposefully planned our school days with the focus being on play and reading aloud rather than on workbooks, although we do devout time to curriculum for reading/writing and math each day, mostly when the baby naps. My main challenge so far has been dealing with toddlers - mainly because I've got a lot of 'em! It can be chaotic and full of messes; I've been known to let a toddler rummage cupboards and dump cereal in the middle of spelling if it keeps them occupied!

This was a very normal day for us in February in Canada. We spend the majority of our days at home, but try to get out even if it's just to my parent's house each day for a bit of an afternoon outing so we don't go completely crazy. Hopefully I've included enough "keeping it real" pics so you guys can pick up the flavour of my chaotic days which include a lot juggling, reading, cleaning up toddlers, and sometimes getting myself dressed by noon.

And that's mostly a wrap - because I didn't think you wanted more pictures of quiet time and the witching hour's tantrums, you can just use your imaginations there. Hope that left you mildly amused and if you have any questions feel free to ask me anything!

Remember to head on over to Theresa's or Micaela's to check out the way more inspiring bloggers who are sharing their homeschool days in pictures for the next two weeks. If you've gotta a blog and wanna share your homeschool day you can link up too - you know I wanna snoop! 

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  1. My kitchen floor looks like that all the time! Wanna know my secret? I open up the sliding door and sweep it all right out! Isn't that ridiculous?! The little space between the door and the outside gets gross and then I break out the vacuum... Then the kids get to watch the birdies come eat. Sometimes there's a few crumbs out there.... sometimes half a box of cereal. Drives my husband crazy... but not as crazy as a crazed from cleaning wife. Whatever ;)

  2. Oh, Christy, I'm so glad that you joined in the blog hop and shared your day!! I loved it! Your pictures are gorgeous, as are your children :) I'm going to cross the line here from ordinary fan to weird stalker but I felt right at home in your home. The scenes all looked so familiar, I felt comfortable and welcome as I peeked in through the window! So... don't be surprised if I show up at the front door (I'll bring coffee!)
    Thanks again for participating!
    Oh, and because I'm polling anyone who'll listen... what kind of camera do you use for the everyday? And would you recommend it?
    Have a blessed Ash Wednesday!

  3. Man I remember playing on mattresses like that when I was a kid--it was pretty much the best!

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  5. Great pictures! I think I am going to do one of these posts tomorrow, if I can remember to get started in the morning!

  6. Oh my adorableness. Those are a bunch of cute patoots you have wreaking havoc over there! The diapered baby stomping made me laugh and laugh.

  7. This was so great and looks so much like my life here!

  8. Oh I remember those days so well, so many little ones and so much to accomplish! I loved your pictures and seeing all that snow!

  9. I love it. The real life going on in the background is so my life. Always. ;)

  10. Book twins! Does your 3yo listen to the Children's Bible stories? Mine finds them a bit dense. I'm on the lookout for more pre school friendly Bible stories. Something other than ubiquitous Noah. Please let me know if you have any good recs!


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