Friday, February 27, 2015

Seven Quick Takes vol. 115

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the one nice day...

I wish I had big exciting bloggable news, but this week has been very un-newsworthy. We had one blissfully around freezing day, where I flung open the windows, basked my pallid face in the sun in it's natural outdoor habitat, and let the kids frolic in snowsuits. But then grey day, grey day, bitterly cold day, snowing and grey day. February, not cool. I honestly noticed how fast the day seemed to go on the sunny/warm day. Time flew by, I was singing show tunes, everything was coming up Christy. The rest of the days....time slowed.


What doesn't help the passage of time as every mom ever knows, is children being sick. This week I've had a different kid go down with a weird coughing, fever thing that makes them languish with glazed looks on their faces. So that hampered school this week, which actually set back our usual routine which made the days feel longer. We mostly did "couch school" and the Magic School Bus. Couch school accomplishes quite a lot actually. We covered a multitude of "subjects" (boy, I loathe that word when talking about young children's education) and even covered math with Life of Fred. But the regular routine was washed out, and there was soooo much tv watching. But it was either tv, or hearing my children nitter and natter each other to death before this plague ever would!


Since I feel like February has officially killed off any creative brain cells I once had, and I'm feeling like a very lazy writer, let's talk about what I've been watching shall we?

On our bi-annual date night last month the husband and I saw The Imitation Game. Miraculously, my husband wanted to see it because he's a computer nerd who has known about Alan Turing for a while, and since I'm a very loyal anglophile it was up my alley naturally. Benedict Cumberbatch was very good, and Kiera Knightley didn't ruin it for me by upping her game and her personality to that of "slightly above a wooden board". Also; the actor who plays Branson on Downton played a jerk who works with Turing at Bletchley with a very confused accent. Was it Irish? Was it English? It was basically horrendous. 

We hesitated and prepared ourselves because we thought that this movie might be overtaken by a blatant gay agenda bent, however it turned out that the main theme of the movie was if you're going to be remarkable you will have to accept that your differences are part of who you are and what makes you remarkable. Which is not an idea contrary to Catholic thought at all, but is easily played up with current trendy societal thinking. It was still a good movie despite it's agenda, and the agenda could have been dealt with much worse and much better. 


Something that drives me crazy with movies is how "agendas" make a movie cool or not. Our hipster-ism drives me insane with the proclamation of some movies like American Sniper having a clear "agenda" and thus should be dissed and smeared at, but other movies such as The Imitation Game are just proclaiming truths somehow. No. They all have agendas, just be intellectually honest and say you think American Sniper isn't worth watching because you're politically bent by the media into thinking it's somehow a tool of pro-Americanism and is thus an agenda you don't agree with. Every movie has an agenda, just be logical. Thanks.


We also saw The Grand Budapest Hotel, because it's finally on Canadian Netflix, and I am a huge Wes Anderson fan so I enjoyed it, although not as much as his past work. While I enjoyed the kooky twists and turns of the plot, the story didn't have the same depth and beauty of past Anderson movies. It felt like this was the movie he made to get broad critical acclaim, which worked out well, while his other movies were completely about the storytelling. The interiors and whole look of the movie is amazing, and I would like Jude Law to narrate my life.


I'm also totally into Better Call Saul. One hundred percent all in on that show. I think Bob Odenkirk is amazing, and Vince Gilligan is a genius. I only regret having to wait the epically long time of a whole week in which to watch another episode. It feels so torturous. We binged Breaking Bad in a few short weeks because it was so good, and I want to immerse myself in Better Call Saul too - but a. whole. week!!!!

Also; the Parks and Rec finale this week was cute and fun. It was one of my favourites and I'm sad it's over. It's so rare to have a well written show about ordinary life and ordinary characters who actually like each other on television. I kinda want to watch it all over again.


Well, I think this miserable cold weather is great for podcast listening! Wink, wink! Thanks to everyone who has been listening to the podcast, we really had a great time talking to Heather Sleightholm of Audrey Eclectic Folk Art this week about what inspires her and how she makes time for her art, and she was just lovely to talk to. I find it so comforting to hear that other mom's just squish in time for the things they like to do because it gives me hope for the little things I do with my very little time! 

Have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. More than a wooden board// just died laughing. She is like Keanu reeves!! Love the takes. Wish it were warm there b

  2. I've been putting off watching the last season of Parks & Rec because I am going to miss it so darn much! It goes hand in hand with the (American) Office as my two all-time favorite comedies, and I have a feeling a show like them won't come around again very soon.

  3. Maybe you can imagine Jude Law narrating your life... might make the days go faster...

    "She glances down to find that one child is inexplicably covering another with rows of oranges..." ;)

  4. I tried one episode of breaking bad because i have heard it was so epic. I have heard so many good catholic friends say they will not watch it. There are also a lot of debates about this in the blogosphere. Christi, what is your take? Please do not take this as an attack; I truly want to know and respect you as a good catholic mama!

  5. " Kiera Knightley didn't ruin it for me . . . ." That is saying a lot! #notafan :-)

  6. Yay! All my favorite people aren't fans of Kiera Knightley either! We're loving Better Call Saul over here too, but your right, it is torturous to wait for the episodes. Hang in there, Christy. Spring, and Mad Men, cometh soon!

  7. I can't imagine how you feel in Canada! I am only in Iowa and officially cracked this week! Feeling eaten alive by littles with never-ending colds/fevers/puking... God be with us!!

    1. Not be be a creeper, but I'm from IA, too! Where are you from?

  8. After watching the Oscars, I'm interested in The Imitation Game, too. I'm glad you didn't think the gay agenda totally dominated the movie, because that's what I was afraid of. You should totally start Parks and Rec over; it's just as good the second time around! I'll probably have to do the same when I go through withdrawals. :)


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