Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Things I Say A Million Times A Day

"Be gentle!"

"No more raisins!"

"Just eat and stop touching your brother/sister!"

"Stop talking and just eat!"

"Please be patient, I just have to help Nora."

"No more cookies."

"If you choose to throw mud you're choosing corner time!"

"Don't smear ketchup in your hair.""

"Who pooped?"

"If you fight over that toy one more time today I'm throwing it out the window!"

"Max stop screaming, and tell me what you want!"

"Max, be quiet!"

"Where's Luke?"

"Just sit down."

"Lemme just take a drink of coffee and I'll help you."

"Everybody stop yelling and tell me what the problem is!"

"Everyone pick something off the floor."

"Yes, I'll get you more water."

"Quiet, the baby/babies are trying to sleep!"

"How did this floor get so dirty?"

"Where are your shoes?"

"You've gotta wait."

"Everyone be quiet, you will all get food!"

"Gimme that soother."

"Stop fighting over something you both can't have."

"Where did you get that?"

"Did you wash your hands?"

"No talking. Just quiet."

"Listen to me please, what did I just tell you do?"

"Hey you!"

"Don't touch the garbage!"

"Oh my poor baby, let me kiss your owwie."

"Where are your pants?"

"Stop yelling!"

"Hurry up!"

"Mommy's here, it's ok, just calm down."

"No, I don't know where your ____ is."

"Gemma, are you listening?"

"Dominic, it doesn't matter if you don't want to do it, we still have to do the things we don't want to do sometimes."

"No. I STILL don't have a clue where your ____ is!"

"You don't have to cry because you dropped your cookie."

"Guess who I love??"

"It's ok, Mama loves you."

"I love Nora!"

"I love Max!"

"I love Luke!"

"I love Dom!"

"I love Gemma!"

Just a small sampling of phrases I feel never stop leaving my mouth. 

Since I've been in toddler-land /babyhood for the past 7 odd years with 5 kids, sometimes I feel as if this is all I ever say and all I've ever said. Which may or may not be true. It's the testament to the nitty-gritty, hundreds of thousands of times of repetition, day in day out, that goes into raising babies into toddlers, toddlers into young children.

I know the oft repeated things I say are often not perfect, and sometimes not even good. I will always wish I said "hurry up" less and "it's ok" more. I will probably wish I said only positive things, but there are many, many times a day that discipline needs to be implemented which never sounds too cheerful. But it does all go into this mothering that never stops and reminds me that it is the most important thing I'm doing today and everyday even when it seems endlessly repetitive.

But does anyone know if there have been any psychological studies on just how many times one can say "No, you can't do that to your sister!" in a day before becoming certifiably insane?

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  1. Of all of them, the one that made me laugh, because I so, so relate is "Where are your pants?" Hahaha!

  2. You sound like such a great mum... My lost would be nearly all in capitals since I yell nearly everything I say-not because it makes my three darlings listen better, but because, well, then they can't use, 'I didn't hear you' as an excuse. Love reading your blog! Please keep it up for my sanity :) your Aussie fan!

  3. I say "Baby Girl" so much during the day that I end up calling Dave that when he comes home! I also used to call him buddy a lot when I was teaching Pre-k and he'd say "Thanks Pal."

  4. "Hey! Just calm down."
    "Keep your hands out of your diaper."
    "Do not eat your boogers."
    "No, quiet time is not done yet."
    "When you dad gets home."
    "Be kind to each other!"
    "You're going to have to wait for snack time."

  5. This is great ...it will help me live with my kids tomorrow ...knowing that we are not the only one

  6. For me, "Stop yelling" is usually yelled. Huh.

  7. My constant refrain is "use your silverware!" Or "why is the baby the only one helping me clean up here?"

  8. LOL! The "who pooped" and "where are your pants" were my favorite! I like to think reading all these Mommy blogs and learning from all of you will help me when I have a bred of littles someday:)

    And yes, I get the irony of that statement, yelled at the top of my lungs.

    I especially appreciated "Where are your pants?" - totally said that already this morning. Also, "Please take your sister's shoe out of your mouth," and "We don't eat stinkbugs."

    It is so, so good to have company.

  10. Loved the peek into your day :)


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