Friday, June 13, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 92

Joining Kathryn today, as Jen takes a couple weeks off, because she hasn't been busy at all...


Please pray for the soul and family of Fr. Kenneth Walker. He was murdered this week in his rectory in Phoenix. We went to the same itsy-bitsy, wonderful university and overlapped each other for a year. He was a very kind, joyful, brilliant, funny guy with a humble, devout faith. I'm sure he was a wonderful priest. It's really incomprehensible to understand such violence and it's destructive effects. His family and parish have been in my thoughts since I heard the news, Requiescant in pace Fr. Ken.


Everything I now write feels awful and foolish in light of that news. Especially since we had a pretty run of the mill week. Rainy days, soccer ending for the season, yard work, babies not sleeping; very regular. It's hard to imagine such tragedy in such regular days. And hard to picture regular when tragedy happens. It really just makes me want to read Flannery O'Connor. 


Dom was outside playing and riding his bike for a while before I came out to watch them, I asked him what he was doing and he told me, "I'm pretending I'm an orphan who's a bike racer and likes playing soccer." I asked him why he wanted to pretend to be an orphan and he said, "Because if he doesn't have a mom he can bike race really, really, fast." 
It's good character development, I won't knock it.


I have an on again/off again relationship with New Girl. I think we're on again for the summer. 


You know who has plans for Father's Day? Not me. Every year...I swear I'm going to come up with big plans...and every year....notta. Pinterest this, blog fancy schmany that...I'm fairly certain I'll make him a good breakfast, maybe a pie and call it a day. Whatever love language planning is, it's not mine.


My little Max is outside playing in a mud puddle and it's adorable. I just love watching little toddlers play when they're unawares. It's honestly the greatest. When he's not screaming he's really the cutest little guy. I really don't want to forget how he says "Wookie" for Luke. "Wookie" is his favourite and has to look at everything Max thinks is cool, and go wherever Max goes, and must listen to every Max demand. But the "Wookie" part is quite sweet. 


I know these were painfully quick, have ya read:

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Happy Weekend, go forth and do all the Father's Day things!

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  1. Dom is following the Disney story line that every good story starts with an orphan or losing a parent. He's on his way to greatness - get that kid an agent.

  2. Oh my goodness, you went to Our Lady Seat of Wisdom? Wow. I saw (on an Edel Post someone put up) that you were from Canada and was immediately intrigued. Well I'm glad to "meet" you. I shall be back to read more! ;)


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