Friday, June 6, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 91

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Thanks for the well wishes and prayers after my really embarrassing tumble on Sunday. Thankfully I've been able to be mobile and my back isn't too terrible but I have a huge, swollen bruise on my back that is hopelessly grotesque and ugly and painful if I sit down, or walk wrong. It's all so embarrassing. But then I think of falling and being immobile with five little kids and the ensuing chaos of what would become of us all and I'm thankful. But it's been a literal pain in my ass all week, and I'm walking around like an old lady and no exercising happened resulting in me feeling really lazy. 


I'd really like to know what happened in my parenting of toddlers between boy number two and boy number three. (You know, that long period of 22 months.) I swear most of my parenting techniques are the same, and boys will be boys and all that, but Max is a tyrant. So much screaming. I'm telling ya, he was born with an innate capacity for loud noises. He's also so incredibly stubborn that the screams last so long and he's willing to deploy them at any time no matter how small or trivial the dilemma. It's exhausting. Doesn't want banana for breakfast? Twenty minutes of screaming. Doesn't want to walk anymore? Lies on the ground and screams for ten minutes. Every demand is a scream. He's really a total card, hilarious, really loves his sibling (and me), adventurous, fun. But the screaming. I just want to know how many more years it'll take for him to grow out of so I can begin slowly crossing off the days on the calendar or something.


We watched an episode of Burn Notice last night and Michael Westen was describing torture techniques used to get spies to talk. They included sleep deprivation and assaults to the senses including loud uncontrollable noises for long periods of time. The result is not spontaneous truth telling, but an exhausted state that inhibits the use of the mind to keep stories straight. And then it hit me - MOMMY BRAIN. That is mommy brain. The result of psychological torture. Anyway, I can relate to those poor CIA agents now...


Dom lost his first tooth yesterday. He's five which seems entirely too young for this type of thing to be happening. Has he been applying to colleges already too?!?! But he ended up eating it along with his sandwich for lunch. He was a little heartbroken and made me write a note for the tooth fairy explaining this difficulty. 


The thing I do love about toddlers is how they speak. Not the amount of language, because we all know it's a little too sparse for basic communication purposes, but their sweet lisps and funny pronunciations. Dominic had the hardest time pronouncing s's for a long time. He used to say " 'kunk on a 'cooter" for "skunk on a scooter" and we would get him to say it for us whenever we needed a laugh because it was the cutest thing. Max is now speaking more (finally!) but he pronounces his s's with f's sooo, it's just hilarious. I'll be the first to admit I might not get mom of the year because I get him to say "sucker" and "soccer" throughout the day when I need a pick me up. It's the little things.


It is finally time for the trees to be blooming up here! It's my favourite time of year, and I never thought I'd be any sort of gardener type. But I truly love this old apple tree in our yard. Remember we moved into this house right after we were married and thought we'd move in six months? Well, almost eight years later we still operate under this assumption and haven't done anything to our yard, five kids also helped in this direction. But the apple tree I love.  And I've taken baby pictures with it every year, and it's a problem because I'm sure everyone else is sick to death of them all! But in case you're not...

Turns out I missed!


I can't remember what else I wanted to say today...

But I am so excited about all these babies being born in the blogging world! Sarah's, Olivia's and now Dwija's! What a lovely crop of boys! 

Oh, and you've checked out Sarah's great ebook Teaching From Rest haven't you? I was listening to the podcasts last night and have really gotten so many great ideas and inspiration from them. Now to keep that going through the summer...

Have you heard any new podcasts lately? The Little Oratory series at Heart of My Home has been wonderful and I so enjoy hearing Auntie Leila's sweet voice! Also, Edie at Life in Grace has been posting a lovely podcast series on vocation and gifts which has been great food for thought for me. 

And with that I'll wish you a happy weekend and Feast of Pentecost this Sunday!

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  1. Oh, I remember those toddler screams! My daughter was a pro at them. Glad your back is feeling a little better.

  2. The yearly pictures by the apple tree are so sweet!

  3. I am smack dab in the middle of those awful toddler screams! My Heath just turned 2, and wow is he cute but whiny and loud! I personally LOVE your pictures under the tree. Your kids are absolutely beautiful. You are incredibly blessed, which I am sure you already know. God bless!

  4. BABIES! Also, I don't watch "Burn Notice," but I do watch "Covert Affairs" and "Graceland." Not only does torture = mommy brain sound like a logical conclusion, but man, does USA have a lot of spy shows! How did I not notice that before? It's a good thing (especially if they keep casting really attractive men as their spies), but it's a weird thing.

    P.S. First time visitor, fellow glasses-wearer, love the header image!


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