Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5 Classic Movies for Summer

It's finally summer and we all can feel the sweet freedom of lazy days and the luxury of slow, long evenings. It's these summer evenings that call for a great classic movie! Whether it be a romantic night in, watching with the family, or hanging out with a couple friends, classic movies are great because they appeal to everyone! Here's a perfect mix to make for great summer viewing:

The perfect romance that I love watching every summer. What more do you need than Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, and Paris? It'll have you dancing to "Isn't It Romantic" out on your lawn in no time!


I could not let you go a whole summer without watching a good musical. High Society is one the mixes the unmatched chemistry of Sinatra, Bing, and Kelly together with the great music of Cole Porter. It has a summer feel in it's creation of a world set apart with the fun of Frank Sinatra!

A glamorous noir film that stars Bogie as the classic dark, handsome, and lonely gumshoe who helps the sultry and illusive Becall out of the bad fix she's in. The pair make this film especially enjoyable to watch even if you're not into dark noir movies. A summer evening filled with mystery and popcorn, maybe while waiting out a thunderstorm sounds like a memory waiting to happen!


Possibly the most hilarious film of all time, Some Like It Hot is a great movie to watch in the summer. I love the scenes on the beach in Florida -  Jack Lemmon and Tony Kurtis resplendent in their bathing suits! Marilyn Monroe is a comedic genius in this movie and makes every scene sparkle. A must see to refresh your sense of humour and give you a quick two hour vacation!

One of my top five favourite movies of all time, this Hitchcock masterpiece is the epitome of a good thriller. Mistaken identity, a cross-country chase, a train ride of romance; the perfect recipe for a great summer evening. Pour yourself a drink, (or just enjoy Cary Grant for the tall glass of water he is), and settle in to evening that will remind you how good movies can be!

Older movies can be hard to track down, but I noticed that all these movies are available to rent from Amazon Instant Video for $2.99, which is a steal! Unfortnuately for us in Canada this service hasn't made it's way up here yet, so American friends take advantage. This post contains affiliate links, thanks so much for clicking!

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  1. Love all of these! (can't help with the links, Amazon instant hasn't made it to Europe either). What do you think of The Philadelphia Story and It Happened One Night? - my husband always says that the best way to cheer me up is to offer a classic film night :-D

  2. Excellent! North by Northwest is one of those movies in our family that we've watched a million times and my dad references it at least once at every major family gathering. High Society is one of my personal favorites because, Grace Kelly. And her dresses. But you know what? I've never watched Sabrina. Isn't that sad? I think it's on netflix, no? Well, I'll have to get my hands on it during my postpartum couch season coming up.

  3. You have good taste!! High Society is one of my long-time favorites-my husband just saw it for the first time last week and loved it--double yay!
    North by Northwest is one of my favorites too!!
    Another good one I really like too is On the Waterfront

  4. Oh! I like your style!
    Thanks for the recommendations :)

  5. Love classic films! My top five: Roman Holiday, Three Guys Named Mike, It Happened One Night, I Confess (Hitchcock with a Catholic twist), and Charade.

  6. Oooh could you do a post just like these, but with TV series? Me and my husband are slowly running out of unwatched episodes :) (We like Downton Abbey, Once Upon a Time, Call the Midwife, Raising Hope, Masters of Sex (it's just a series, I promise!)...)

    Greetings from Austria, Ajda.

  7. I love all five of these movies but North by Northwest and Sabrina top the list. I'd also include Roman Holiday. :-)


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