Tuesday, November 12, 2013


How today feels.

Ho, boy. Just thought I'd send a quick S.O.S to the outside world from the house of chaos and horror this morning. Well, not so much horror as screaming, but definitely heavy on the chaos.

We got home last night from our sojourn to the mountains for my best friend's wedding, all the kids are still in one piece, the boys didn't even harm any grandparents over the course of 5 days and 4 nights! There are suitcases and bags of random stuff all over, kids popping balloons (where did these balloons even come from?!), Max has spilt wet, milky, cheerios all over the floor, my dishwasher won't drain, and my coffee is sitting on the counter cold, we're also in desperate need of food but I'm too tired to even think about going to town, and I'm hoping dinner will just magically walk through the door. All this is accompanied to the not-so-dulcet tones of a child screaming. There's been one kid screaming since I woke up about 2 hours ago. They're taking shifts and screaming about different things just to mix things up. Dom is screaming because we're having cereal and not oatmeal (is it opposite day?!), Nora is screaming because that is what she does when everyone else needs me, Max is screaming because...well no one knows, but its loud.

Oh, and I forgot to mention Nora was up for hours because her schedule and routine was completely beat to hell with travelling and she's decided to wake up every two hours and be up for two hours. I'm pretty exhausted.

I've decided to unload a couple suitcases, turn on more cartoons, and worry about school tomorrow.

But what's really funny is that all the chaos and fifteen levels of crazy don't even feel that crazy to me. Maybe that's a serious sign. Or maybe I'm just getting a little more used to these days and try my best to just ride the wave without sinking to the depths of despair. Hopefully we make it through today with more coffee and cartoons and tomorrow will be markedly better! Thank goodness Hope is a supernatural grace!

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  1. Prayers - it must be a full moon ;)

  2. Oh man, I hope everything gets back to normal soon! Or at least that the screamers get quiet! ;) It's so hard to get back in the swing of things after being away, isn't it? Still worth it to get away for a bit, but re-entry is not fun.


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