Friday, November 15, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 66

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Another week has flown by, but this one legitimately flew by because it was only four days long! We got home from a whirlwind weekend travelling to my best friend's beautiful wedding, visiting great friends along the way, and travelling with only two babies on Monday. It really was a great 5 days. The girls travelled really well, our friends were so generous in hosting us, the wedding was beautiful, the mountains missed me and were happy to see me again (or maybe it was just me!), the roads were passable and the weather free of blizzards, and we returned with the boys having not completely terrorized the in-laws! Successful on every level.

But it took me until yesterday to unpack. I'm an all-star.


Guess who should have taken more photos of the wedding? It's a difficult task when you're in the wedding party. But I made up for good photos in selfie photos on my phone. Which is both lame to admit to and makes for ridiculous memories I think. 

Actually since I've gotten back I've tried organizing my photos and its a huge mess. I used to be on top of things but this year I've really let them slide and now I have thousands of unedited photos which is making it difficult to get photos and things printed for my family for Christmas. Maybe this weekend I'll attack it? 


This weekend will prove busy however, because we're having a joint family party for the boys on Sunday. With Luke's birthday at the end of October and Dom's at the end of November we end up having two boys the same age for a little less than a month. Go Irish Twins! Just thinking about that fact makes me wonder why I didn't just have twins outright...but I know it turned out perfectly cause they're such sweeties. 

I haven't planned a thing for the party! A thing I tell you! But being a winter birthday, the plans are really quite limited anyway, and since we're just having cousins and a few friends we're going to keep things on the lowest of keys. Which would be like A minor in music speak. But I hope I can pull out a decorated cake?? Can I?? Expectations = low.


Snow is here and looks like its here to stay. The snow coupled with the ludicrous lack of daylight hours seems to be making me a little down. I think its mostly the seasonal issue, but there is something pretty demoralizing in it being dark before my husband is even home from work. And since this week was such a gong show in the kids getting back to routine/unpacking situation we didn't go anywhere at all other than my mom's and its feeling a bit low around here. That party is coming at a good time I think!


Have you tried this wine? Its cheap and gloriously good. Its called Apothic.Red, and its a blend which really should be frowned upon I'm sure, but it tastes too good. I feel like I'm getting a bit addicted, I regret not buying a case when it was on sale last month. 


I've been having the worst time fitting in any form of fitness/motion/exercise lately. It usually becomes a choice between working out or blogging. Working out or folding laundry. Working out or nursing the baby. There always feels like something should get done before the working out and I'm too exhausted both before the kids get up and late at night to accomplish anything more than just lying there. But the moral of this story is that my pants aren't fitting and I'm feeling like a blob. So not a good moral of the story. And lets not even pretend I've lost any baby weight...ANY! But whatever. I just wanted you to know/hear me whine.


So the small baby boy around these parts has just expanded his vast vocabulary to include such important words as "Wa-wa" and "Soo-soo" (for his soother of course) and I'm lauding him for these efforts. Which seems unbelievable, but really, I know he's holding back all language skills so I've got to encourage what I can! The husband and I have a side bet as to whether Nora will speak in coherent sentences before Max. It could go either way really. But he's actually not even 2 yet, and I'm not even going to tell the internet how long it took another one of my children to begin talking because everyone would revoke my mom card. 

I'm off to go grocery shopping. It had to happen. I bribed the children to eat cashews for a "treat" yesterday. Have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. I looooove Apothic Red too! I think I will blame that obsession on my stagnating baby weight. Man those extra pounds are a bummer... and now with winter setting in. I hear ya on the darkness setting in before my husband can even waltz through the door in the evening. It just makes the afternoons draaaaaaaaag. Hope your grocery run was uplifting - amazing what a stocked fridge and pantry can do for morale. Now go have a glass of wine ;)

  2. Oh, please tell the internet how long it took. I've got a n almost-2-y-o boy who's only word is "boh-boh" which means "more." Four months ago the ENT and the pediatrician were telling me he needed speech therapy, but having a 6-y-o who still can't be understood (she has Down syndrome) I gave them the eye. But I'm questioning myself at every step. Please tell!

  3. I'll now have two winter(ish) - Nov and Feb - to plan next year. Last year the bday party in Feb was limited to a family affair since both girls were sick - and actually the May bday party was also rescheduled because of illness!

    We opened a bottle of red earlier this week - it was a bit older - and it has turned bad. It was a major, major bummer. We had a dry sparkling red we opened for our anniversary - now that was great!

  4. On Tuesday I had a friend of mine mention how much he likes Apothic Red. At the time, I had never heard of it (which surprised me because I am a lover of delicious, cheap, red wines!) Then on Friday I read your post and could not believe my eyes when you recommended the very same wine. So here I am on Sunday night, indulging in this wonderful, highly recommended wine....and I want to say thank you!!

    Also, I think I'm going to try to grab that book from the library per your recommendation :)

  5. Love the post. I can't believe winter is really here!! I need to try that wine. I have it on my list to grab this weekend :)

    xo and now following


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