Monday, November 18, 2013

Guest posting about trusting in God and childbirth - but its happier than it sounds I promise!

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm posting a little for dear Haley today at Carrots for Michaelmas while she finishes up her fabulous liturgical living cookbook! (I may have had a peek at the book, and you're going to love it-thats all I'll say for now!)

But I'm writing a little about how God finally got through to me using childbirth...five times over!

"When I think back and look over my spiritual journey as it were, there are many different experiences which make up my faith as it is now. There have been times of spiritual isolation and times where I’ve felt far from God and His mercy. Or different periods when I’m basking in the glow of the spiritual high of feeling close to Jesus. Of course there are many ordinary days in life where I seem to get by just fine by not praying. Having no dire need, no real awareness of my need for saving, or extra grace, let alone miracles. Ordinary days where I do just fine relying on me, myself, and I."...

Pop over to Carrots for Michaelmas to read the rest!

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