Friday, September 27, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 61

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It definitely feels like Friday! 
Its been another full week around here. Or at least I feel it to be! We've had a glorious week of fall. Which in this land of the north needs to be absorbed and revelled in to your fullest capability. On Monday we went for a little picnic down our country road, sat out in a field surrounded by golden leaves and children screaming. I took pictures for a change, so many that I believe it will warrant its own post. Every day since the kids have been able to roam and run out doors even though a chilly Northern wind has started to sweep through. I'm still not thinking about the consequences to that wind...


And don't get any crazy ideas that she's rolling or anything...she's still good and immobile! Just the way I like 'em!

My baby turned six months yesterday! How did that happen?! It feels as if she's been here forever. Which is always the case with beautiful babies. How did we live without parts of ourselves such a short time ago? I really feel that the first six months are the toughest. Somehow around six months babies mellow out for the most part, ok, maybe not mellow out. Maybe we become accustomed to them more? In other words I feel as if I've crossed a mini-milestone! Its all downhill from here! I know, I'm a little delusional, but let me have my moment!


My culinary success of the week was making a giant pot of borscht yesterday with fresh garden veggies! Have I mentioned I love soup? And beets? I do! So borscht is a perfect storm of soup goodness. I forced every child to eat it for dinner too. Then I thought I'd have so much to freeze but by the end of dinner there was probably only a lunch sized portion left to freeze.'re so much work.


Our Ikea trip of last week yielded a couple of organizers for toys in the basement, meaning we're almost done with the basement overhaul!! I ordered kids around all week to start organizing toys in the basement that have just been kept in two giant boxes for the past ten months or so. We culled, and I hope I was ruthless, but all I got was a giant garbage bag to give away and a smaller garbage bag to throw out. Is it just my kids who play with a lot of garbage? And I'm not talking metaphorically. I mean there was a lot of garbage in the toy boxes. 


I keep wanting to post pictures of what I think has been massive progress in the basement redo-but every time we make a major step I say to myself, "As soon as the -blank- is done, I'll take pictures." Well, now I'm so close to actually getting things on the walls that I'm going to hold out a little longer. I'm sure you're on pins and needles...or not.


If you haven't yet read this great article from Verily Magazine; "A Tangled Web: Don Jon Highlights Real-Life Effects of Internet Porn", please stop and read it. I thought it was such a smart, well done article about pornography. And this magazine is doing everything right when it uses movies, to engage in topics from a Catholic/moral perspective. I just love that. I don't know if I really want to see the movie though...


The girls and I are going out of town this weekend for a bridal shower! That's pretty big excitement in these parts. I can't remember the last time I was away overnight without my husband. Or out of this house. I'm going to bet it was to have my last baby...that's when you know you don't get out much. Anyway, the shower is Sunday so I won't be making my Michaelmas goose for dinner but I will be driving home to see the finale of Breaking Bad. Does that make me a shallow person? I think I may tell the kids Michaelmas is Monday and throw in a chicken!

Have a fab week-end!

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  1. Enjoy your fall colors. Our neighborhood in Arizona will turn Canadian in a few weeks. All our snowbird neighbors fly south after Canadian Thanksgiving.

  2. We're totallly doing a Michaelmas chicken tomorrow =) The Verily mag actually makes me want to see Don Jon (we saw a preview for it on date night a few weeks ago, but I wasn't sure what the conclusion would be) - I might go with a friend who's a bit more liberal on that topic than I am; it will result in some good conversation.


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