Friday, September 13, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 59

Meeting up with the cool kids and their Quick Takes. And Jen - whom I am dependent upon to make me a Chardannaydo movie!


Such a week. And it should have been a breeze because I had a visitor who made things fun until Tuesday. But alas, no. I feel as if I barely made it out alive. Frankly, I'm shocked there's wine left in the house.
This week Nora was teething all. the. time. As in screaming during her waking hours, and sleeping randomly in what should be sleeping hours. She was also glued to me physically, which never puts me in a good frame of mental health, but I usually do better than this week's sorry effort. Max, ever the communicator, still screams all. the. time and so far zero English improvement. So I felt as if one baby was screaming at me most hours of the day. As you could guess this leaves me all kinds of patience for the homeschooling. I feel as if I've hardly had a spare second. I just want to lock myself in a room and just sneak five minutes uninterrupted. And/or take a turn screaming. No big deal.


Almost inevitably I lost patience with the older kids. Who were really just being fine, if not a little sassy and uncooperative. And then I felt awful. I could see it coming from far down the line but I also felt impossible to combat my own grumpiness. I needed much more grace but was too tired stupid to pray for more. Why don't I catch on to how this works??


This came up when I googled "cartoon fish wife".

Ever wake up and find yourself a nagging fish wife?? Like everything that comes out of your mouth is a grumpy, screaming, command that you'd be horrified to hear coming from basically anyone in contact with other humans? This happens to me on nights where I get less than two hours of sleep put together. And it can go on for a while before I even realize it. I'm then shocked my poor children want to be around me. Or near me. Or related to me.


Before I became an illustrious stay at home mom, I had all these grand illusions that when I was an Illustrious Stay At Home Mom I would have scads of spare time to be all thoughtful and stuff. I mean, its not really in keeping with my character to begin with, but for some reason I thought that would be the time in life where I could do all sorts of kind and thoughtful things like make friends handmade cards, and bake gift batches of chocolate chip cookies for newcomers etc etc etc.

Lately I feel as if I don't even have time to do basic nice things. Like write my husband a note or card. Or pick up a gift for someone's birthday who is not in my immediate family. Of course the mantra of "You have to make time," rings again loud and clanging in my head, but what happens when you're at a point in your life where anything is something you have to make time for? I have to make time for everything. I have to make time for a shower. I have to make time to go grocery shopping. I have to make time to clean out my fridge for crying out loud. But I still feel as if I'm being lazy, or using my busy daily life as a crutch somehow. File this whole thing under, "Still Working On It."


I have such an addiction to glasses its ridiculous. And I'm not saying these will be my next pair...but I'm just saying! What do you think??


We're getting some family pictures taken tomorrow and I've spent all week trying to figure out what everyone's wearing. I don't want to go all tacky and make everyone wear a white shirt, but holy moly is it tough to figure out a "colour pallet" for seven people with clothes that actually look nice. Of course, I'm basing what everyone else is wearing on what I'm wearing. I'm no fashion martyr! (Ha! I like that...someone need to embroider that on a pillow for me!) Long story short - way too much time spent on something that you shouldn't spend too much time on. P.S. Pinterest, you don't help me at all!


Unrelated funny gram.

I think I'm going to use all my ambition for the day to make homemade chicken stock. Or workout. Both seems to be way more ambitious than I'm capable of today. What does it mean when you allocate your personal ambition for either household or personal tasks? What personality type is that I ask you? 

Ok, no more boring you with problem details! Have an acceptable weekend.

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  1. I'm totally with you. 2 hours together of sleep has been a rarity for me for much of the past 20 mos (how old my youngest is), and it makes me the grumpiest ever. Even coffee isn't always magical.

    4... yeah, basic nice things. Remind me again what those are? And when they're supposed to happen?

    Also, super cute glasses!

    Sarah @ Two Os Plus More

  2. Making time for EVERYTHING. It's a real thing, girl. I order everything online. Everything. And notes for the husband??? Is that a thing?!?!? #intenyears

  3. Equally addictive is uploading your picture to one of the various online glasses retailers and randomly trying on glasses. I spent hours over Thanksgiving last year "trying" glasses on my mom....and then posting the picture to her facebook account.

  4. Lol, that cartoon slays me! I look like that most mornings. Am not a morning person:P

  5. Sorry for the screaming babes :( you are awesome! And I always catch myself thinking, "I don't have time!" But really I do and currently have so much more time than I will in six weeks so I better buckle up and take advantage of it!!

    Ummm don't be a tease and Instagram a photo of everyone's outfits from the family photo so we don't have to wait for the professional ones! Coooool.

  6. #4: Don't you have like 4 kids 6 and under? Seriously, it's enough. You're keeping them alive and that's enough!

    1. Sorry, five kids 6 and under. Like I said . . . You are a rockstar!


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