Friday, September 6, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 58

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Where'd the week go?? I guess that's what happens when Monday is a holiday but this week has flown by. I don't even know what I did. Nothing exciting clearly. It was again, fan-TAS-tic weather here this week, as in warmer than July. So we must soak up every second. And this was my modus operendi in our approach to school too. We plugged away at more "math" (can Kindergarten/Grade 1 math qualify as "math"? Because its really just counting.) Next week I hope to start some reading/writing but lets not get ahead of ourselves, and my lack of motivation! 


Since I'm not brimming with new ideas I'm going to just opine on some good posts I've seen this week. Look out! Opinions coming your way!


Kendra got all rant-y on my best friend Flannery O'Connor, and Haley (my other best friend, since I'm throwing around the term with people I've never met all over the place!) answered so perfectly that I have nothing to add. Other than, of course, I love Flannery, so, so, much. 

Yes, she's a little dark, and pretty weird, and may take a couple of readings to come even close to "getting" her, but its oh-so worth it! Through her strange tales its amazing the ways she comes to such profound ideas of faith, the human (sinful) condition, and how Jesus can penetrate even the most tragic, strange, and sad situations. 

They're not exactly feel good stories. I think its harder for us to understand stories when they're difficult, especially when we ourselves have never experienced deep tragedy, or unthinkably terrible situations. But I can't help but feeling that someone who had experienced such darkness must be so hopeful after reading some Flannery. 

I also get that its just a matter of personality as to whether or not you personally enjoy them, but you have to acknowledge the brilliance!

I find myself reading a couple stories each year. I like sitting with them for a long period of time. Something will remind me of a story and I'm instantly brought back to her vivid, almost exotic stories. Sometimes I hear a Gospel song and just hearing it reminds me of the devastating rolling river from Greenleaf. I'm amazed at the power of literary talent like that!


I just read DarwinCatholic's post from this past week on vocation versus finding your bliss. I think its spot on in regards to the truth about how we need to be focused on how to best serve our vocation as our number one priority, even when it involves a job that may not be completely "fulfilling". I also agree with the plain old fact he points out in that it simply is harder for the woman to be the breadwinner. But its also something that seems very counter-cultural right now, and something that pretty much every teen/young adult buys into at least for some years of their youth!


Amy Welborn's post yesterday on homeschooling has been making the rounds and if you haven't yet read it please do because its a great capsule of why homeschooling is becoming the only answer to so many problems in education. I know homeschooling isn't perfect, but I agree that it is vast improvement over the stress and hours away from home that institutionalized schooling involves today. I don't know if I could rank the reasons why I believe in homeschooling, but at the top of the list would be how homeschooling supports family life and the home, instead of corrupting it and taking children away from it physically for so many hours a day, and how institutionalized education has become in schools. These are big reasons I feel. Childhood is too precious to be squandered by so many wasted hours in a building away from those they love. 


Does anyone else wonder why we have to keep fighting over this whole modesty bit? Why does Simcha have to keep writing to tell us to stop being so ridiculous?? Why can't we find balance and common sense instead of resorting to easy solutions and the blame game? I think my bias is in part because I was raised very Catholic and attended oh-so many Catholic events, conferences, schools etc where you were beaten over the head about modesty. As if modesty was the dire, life and death situation that appeared in the length of your skirt and how that doomed every male you saw to hell. Or something like that. I may be slightly dramatic. Simcha's right on the money as per though-check it!


I'm already writing post-it notes to remind me to fast and pray tomorrow for peace in Syria. I don't understand it. I don't think anyone really does. But I wholeheartedly believe that if the Pope's this serious about it, then we need to be praying. I think its safe to always go with the Pope on these things. Call me crazy. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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  1. So random question for the fast day tomorrow are you fasting the entire day or just a meal?

  2. The DarwinCatholic post still makes me want to ::facedesk:: =) I don't disagree, but in terms of the original Waterson quote DC is being the exact kind of naysayer Waterson warns against.

  3. If only I could be your real life best friend without having to move to that mysterious land of ice and's a thought: meet up on Prince Edward Island for my 30th bday. Anne tour. For 35, visit Andalusia. Yeah?


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