Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Five plus Reading Wednesday!

A Linking We Will Go! With Hallie Grace for Five Faves, and Jessica with What We're Reading Wednesday!


Visits from friends! You know me, Miss-I-Live-In-The-Middle-Of-Bleep-Bleeping-Nowhere! So a four day visit from my dear friend from way back...(gosh, dare I say 15 years? Am I that old?) is a wonderful, wonderful thing. She graciously came many miles with a smushy-cute little baby girl, who was completely overwhelmed by 5 kids in a small vicinity plus one very in her personal space bubble Max. But everyone survived and I had a great time.


This sweet children's cd.
You know me and children's music have a pretty complicated relationship. I hate to admit but sometimes those annoying cartoon variations get in my head and I sorta like em. But I'm aiming for quality! My children should probably grow up with better taste in music than I! 
I first saw this when music-smartie Rosie posted her fave kids music and I ordered it from the library and it is the sweetest thing. All the songs are in French, and sung by a sweet, sweet sounding woman who has a real retro vibe going on or, dare I say a quintet?, of male voices that my sons find both hilarious/awesome. Upon closer inspection it was first recorded in 1957 so that explains all its wonderful retro charm. The tunes are simple, traditional but still bubbly and kid friendly. I don't know if my kids will pick up any of the French, but stranger things have happened.
Don't get me started on me and my history with French. I'm Canadian, but took all of a year of French and both despised and failed it! Later on in high school when I was fairly immersed in classical singing I sang a lot of French songs, but I'm sure my accent killed many an adjudicator. Either way, I can't translate these songs for my children. And I'm ok with that.


This Richard Scarry book.
 Because I've been on a homeschooling, book ordering tangent of late I thought I should at least throw in a couple books that are more suitable/fun for Luke, the current three year old. I knew they've liked these Richard Scarry's in the past but had never seen this particular version in all its car/vehicle glory. And its about 110% up my boys' alleys. They have so far read it for probably 5 hours each, and I gave it to them about 4 days ago. That's a lot of reading for small kids! I really do appreciate picture books that can occupy little minds and keep them quiet for a couple of minutes so I love this book. Of course, Richard Scarry might not be on the Charlotte Mason book list but it does lend itself to bookishness. I count that as a major win.


Pillow Talk 
 Have I ever told you that this is one of my all time favourite movies?? Because it is. Its practically perfect in every way. Doris Day. Rock Hudson. Hilarious romantic comedy from the 50s. Perfect. I actually want all of Doris Day's clothes and jewellery. She has the most dreamy outfit matching coats! But the movie is exactly what romantic comedies should be. Silly, romantic, entertaining - with two stars who are likeable and worth watching! (I'm talking to you Water with Elephants.) Go watch it anytime you're feeling sad. Or once a year. Or on a date night. Or when your dear friend visits for fun. Or right now.


This pico de gallo from Costco.
You know what makes me feel like a giant chump?! The fact that I slaved many minutes chopping, dicing, slicing my own tomatoes, onions, and peppers for pico de gallo all these years when this wonderful stuff has been sitting at Costco for around $5 bucks. Seriously, I used to chop up a bunch of tomatoes at random times of the year because I love pico de gallo so much. I now eat this stuff by the ton. Its fairly spicy, is made with real cilantro and lime juice so I basically add a little more salt and lime juice and it tastes better than anything I minced in the past. The fact I went through five pregnancies without this is a travesty I tell you!

Wow. That turned out a bit rambly and all over the place...

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  1. Have you seen Down with Love (Ewan McGregor and Rene Zellweger)--it is a clever remake of Pillow Talk. I love it!!

    Also, my kids love that Scarry book too--the boys and the girl.

  2. It's a sign of a great Five Favorites when I resolve to go and check out all five things. Thanks!

  3. Love that CD! Even with 13+ years of school French under my belt, I still have trouble translating much of anything on that CD... It just goes too fast! But the last song is pretty funny - something about "An 18-meter ant with a hat? That doesn't exist! An ant that speaks French, Latin, and Javanese? THAT doesn't exist! And why not?"

  4. Loved those blog posts--thanks for the links!

    And we are huge Richard Scarry fans! As long as I don't have to read every word out loud...

  5. We love that Richard Scarry book, and it was my husband's favorite book when HE was a kid!

  6. I love Pillow Talk! Definitely a favorite for me too! It's one of those movies my childhood best friend and I would watch while eating twizzlers and drinking slightly frozen IBC Rootbeer. Guys & Dolls is probably one of my absolute favorites! Have you seen it? If not, watch it!! There are so many others I could name, but I'll leave you with Guys & Dolls.

  7. Oh my gosh! Found your blog from Grace's blogroll and imagine my surprise when I found the Songs for French Children cover! I have that (in vinyl - child of the 70s you know) - My mom taught French, and then I studied it and snagged the record when I left home. But have no record player to listen to it on. WHy didn't I think to buy it on CD????? SO GREAT that you love it. Now I"ll be singing ALouette all evening...


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