Friday, June 7, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 45

Joining Jen and the better takers...because I'm an addict.

Do I really have anything to say??

Lets rooolll the dice!


Well this week felt like a million years. 
I'm sure purgatory involves a lot of trying to get toddlers to play nicely with each other.
 Unfortunately by Wednesday I was throwing in the towel, or more literally locking myself in my bedroom after someone who shall remain nameless chucked his bowl of supper that I had no desire to cook yet did anyways and it was really great and healthy on the floor. Thursday I just decided to fake it till I make it in regards to loving my offspring. Desperate times and all that. 


Not that things have been awful or said offspring that terrible. But the capacity for one child not napping to completely ruin your day is staggering. If the baby decides to not nap at all in the afternoon then my window of freedom dies. That happened about 3 times this week so my patience was at all time lows. This kinda snowballs into everyone being so. much. work. Or so it seems. Which further snowballs into me having no desire or energy to get out of the house. So I didn't get out this week. Which probably doesn't help my mental outlook. However, keep in mind that I'm a good 25 minute drive to the nearest town which holds zero attractions for me or the littles other than the library. And getting five kids in carseats, or rearranging everything around Nora's eating and sleeping schedule feels like way more work than its worth and thus no leaving for me!


Max is the fastest child I've ever seen in the finding mud/getting completely filthy department. I'd leave him outside for five minutes and the only recourse to him reentering the house would be to throw him in the bathtub clothed and then strip him in the tub to minimize the mud damage in the house. This always happened just as I was making supper too. It was almost funny.


I just finished Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler and thought it was pretty good. I think if you're a fan of either F. Scott Fitzgerald or that ilk of disillusioned writers from the roaring '20s then I think you'd enjoy it. It definitely paints a picture of a very sad marriage and the tragic lives of both Zelda and Scott. I'm not sure if its simply because he was an artist, or because of the seeming emptiness of the era post-WWI, but they both struggled to find meaning in their lives and marriage but just couldn't. Ambition, fame, and a life of luxury again don't replace genuine love between a husband and wife. The end of her life was so tragic, and I shudder to think what it must have felt to be crushed under such a powerful personality of a husband. I found it well written, but also as if the author didn't quite get to the emotional and spiritual emptiness that Zelda must have experienced. But maybe a secular eye doesn't it see it that way?


Soooo a not so good week shopping! 
Did everyone else know that Sole Society is now shipping to Canada...FOR FREE??!! I almost feel obligated to shop with them for offering such great shipping to Canada! Its such a rare thing. But I am definitely pondering buying these two:


I also officially entered adulthood and bought furniture last week. Its the second time I've ever bought a piece of new furniture and this was a couch and a chair! It felt like a massive and important undertaking. I don't get out much, remember? But now my perfect furniture is being made and we won't get it for another ten weeks! I'm dying of impatience, I hope I still like them by the time they come in!


Of course I'm praying for Dwija along with you all! Today is the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and I'm imploring His mercy for Dwija, baby and familia! 
I know I definitely don't realize the importance of motherhood until circumstances like this occur to others. Motherhood is really a huge undertaking. Its signing up for sacrifice, heroics, and pain. And in turn this is what marriage means in the Catholic sense. When we open our hearts and lives to the possibility of life it means opening ourselves up to the possibility of heart-rending circumstances that you only get through with grace and faith. I have no idea what I would do in Dwija's circumstance, and that makes me pray for her even more! Anyways! I mean this to sound much more uplifting than it does, praying and praying and thinking I should be offering prayers for all mothers encountering such difficulties more often!

Well TGI to the F! 


  1. How exciting to get real brand-new furniture - that definitely DOES make you a grown-up! Can't wait to see the pictures...and BTW how about some pics of the MUDDY one in all his glory? That's gotta be worth a laugh or two! Also, when you think of all the ways that you are blessed, please don't forget the privilege it is to have deep purple lilacs to bring into the house. There are millions of people -actually probably billions - who will never know the joy that can bring.

  2. That is some lovely lavender, and those are super cute shoes. I don't have kids, so I don't have much to say in that department except God bless you!

  3. I just recently found your blog and wanted to comment becaues I have a baby Nora, too! She is 10 months old now.

    Also, "I'm sure purgatory involves a lot of trying to get toddlers to play nicely with each other." and "the capacity for one child not napping to completely ruin your day is staggering." I want to embroider these on a pillow . . . or make one of those fancy wall hangings from pinterest with these sayings on them. Hilarious and SOOOOOOO true!


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