Friday, June 21, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 47

Joining my friends the Quick Takers again this week.

Thanks to Jen for hosting as usual. Clearly Jen should move to Canada for the summer so she can throw children outdoors, then I could maybe move to Texas in the winter so I could throw children outdoors then!


Its like two of my favourite things!

So I ran out of internet here at home on Monday. My husband lays down the law and refuses to pay even more money for high speed peasant internet service so when our small amount of gigs or whatever internet is measured in these days runs out we have to wait until the bill flips over so I waited impatiently until our billing period flipped over last night. It was some serious silent days. It felt like lent. I think I'm a little dependent. I missed blogs the most. It feels nice to read and check in with people in the morning in between dealing with all these baby needs. But I'm behind in checking in with all my faves and I haven't had a chance to respond to emails yet. 


I think I've not taught my children the concept of "fast". Theres this giant gap in their basic knowledge. Say something like "Hurry up" or "Quickly!" or "Faster!" and their eyes just glaze over. The other day I was just trying to get out the door to walk to my mom's, the baby was in the stroller and was going to start freaking out if she didn't start moving in the next 30 seconds, Max was patrolling for mud, and the three oldest kids were finding their things that they can't possibly leave the house without yet have no idea where in the house these things are. Luke had finally found his spiderman figure and was in the living room, I said, "Lukey, cmon, hurry the baby's crying" and I swear he slowed down. He was moving at a glacial pace. Suddenly he had to look at light switches as if he'd never seen one before in his life! 
The other night Gemma literally said, "What does 'Hurry up' mean?". I think I just walked away and poured myself another glass of wine.
Ahhhhhh!!! This is why we can't leave the house!!!


You've got to go out and buy Dad Is Fat by Jim Gaffigan. Its hilarious. He's a really funny comedian and I believe you can buy his show "Mr. Universe" on his website, its also on Netflix here in Canada and is well worth the watch. But the book really goes into his experiences as a father and his life with five kids and its really wonderful. Not just because you almost pee your pants laughing while reading, but because it almost feels like my life. Except he's all glamorous and lives in New York City, but so many things he describes in hilarious accuracy are right out of my life. Basically anyone with kids could relate, but I think some of the wilder tales he tells about having more than two kids must seem strange and bizarre to people without kids, but to us with 5 or so kids it seems so normal.
He's so pro-family when it comes down to it. And you just don't see that that often in mainstream entertainment. Its really great.
And I think that people in the mainstream entertainment industry who are pro-family should really be supported. We can at least try to make them successful!


The husband and I are going to have a fire date this weekend! We have a fire pit in the backyard which is a nice place to enjoy a beautiful evening, the wind in the trees overhead, the quiet of being away from our know, its nice!
 I say this because its something we usually do a lot in the summer and we haven't been out once yet this year-its been so sad. But Nora usually doesn't go to sleep till after nine and the husband has to be up so early for work we can't go out later during the week and theres too many mosquitoes out there right now for her so one of us is in during the evening, and its been rainy every weekend so far. But this weekend we're going to bonfire it up after everyone's asleep and hopefully have some good scotch!


Ok, if you just read that last take and were thinking something like, "take that baby outside-there's nets, and outdoor stuff, and I climb mountains with a baby on my back and camp!" To you I say: Blleeech. Outdoors with a small baby is not my cup of tea. Or glass of wine. Or five star hotel. Basically its similar to torture.


Hey-I'm starting to sorta, almost, kinda, maybe think of homeschooling curricula, books, etc. for this upcoming year. I'm just doing Grade 1 with Gemma, I'm not big on early reading, and I want to mostly be focused on reading books and literature, so I'm not really freaking out. But if you've got good beginner tips/books/ideas/a person willing to homeschool for me let me know, I'd love to hear!
I was homeschooled so I'm fairly confident in the education part of homeschooling, so that's not really something I'm worried about. The thing I'm worried about is me going crazy. Being. Around. My. Kids. All. The. Time. That's what I'm worried about. But I mean I'm around them all the time now, and I'm making it right? That's sorta my goal as a mom. It just daunts me a little when I think about the future. The future just daunts me in general.


If you've need something to pray for, please pray for all of southern Alberta that's being affected by flooding this week. I grew up in southern Alberta and have been through a couple of floods as we lived along a creek, but this one is much bigger than anything I've experienced. I couldn't have imagined that Calgary could experience such flooding!

Its a pretty crazy weekend down there, it makes me miss Calgary and my old house actually. Wish I could help!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, free of floods! 


  1. Welcome back to the internet! I so want to read Dad is fat. and yaaaaaaaay for a long overdue fire date. Go you guys.

    And I've been pondering homeschooling lately (obviously not for a few years), but that is my biggest concern! I'm going to go crazy. Luckily, it's a few years away so I can learn from wise people like you :)

  2. I have been coveting our next door neighbor's firepit all summer long!!!

  3. Fire pits are one of our favorite summertime things as well! Enjoy your date night :) And yes, I will be praying for Alberta and all the people there!

  4. I'm reading Dad is Fat, too. Gaffigan is such a hoot! His chapter on circumcision and the one on "Are you Done Yet" had me laughing so hard I think I almost went into labor. :) I'm glad to have found your blog!

  5. Love Mr. Universe but Gaffigan is danger for a woman who's had 5 babies and one on the way. Ain't nobody got time for the wet pants a crazy laughing/coughing fit brings on! But I'm still gonna read his book. I'll be prepared this time.

    And I'm COMPLETELY with you on taking small baby outside!

  6. I love babies, goodness knows. But that particular baby you have pictured above is breathtakingly beautiful. PM

  7. You should check out a Charlotte Mason inspired booklist for Grade 1 - very literature based (real literature, not "reading books") and you can just take her reading development in stride.


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