Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Five random Favourites!



Its fabulous. Everything is green. Lilacs are in bloom. The temperature is perfect. The kids spend about 210% more time outside than during the winter. 

This is proof that the summers are so gorgeous in Alberta that they fool you into living here the whole year.


I fully admit that part of what I love about Mad Men is reading all the recaps on the internet the day after an episode airs. I think its awesome that a tv show can be dissected and analyzed and explored in so many ways. So many weird and really strange ways sometimes, but interesting nonetheless! 

These recaps of Tom and Lorenzo however, almost always blow my mind. They so cleverly talk about how costume designer Janie Bryant uses clothing to further the story and bring up different themes within the show. Seriously, I never knew that costume design could convey so much information or meaning. And who knew colours could mean so much?! Even if you aren't dedicated to the show just  give a read to how interesting the clothing is! 


The Magnificat's free Pope Francis picture!

Was I the only Catholic around who was searching for a small nice picture of the new pontiff but completely unable to find somewhere to buy one without having to purchase a box of 500 copies??

I literally gave a squeal of glee when I got May's Magnificat and found me a perfect Pope picture with no aggro! I don't know where we're going to put it yet. I want to find a place I'll see it often and remember to pray, but also not somewhere where its not going to look like a small shrine-just to not completely weird out non-Catholic visitors to my house! (You see my house is small and already contains ample religious paraphernalia on the walls, bookshelves etc so finding a balance in a well trafficked area is a challenge.)



Specifically the Costco variety made with real butter and come in a giant sized box for a ridiculously low price.

If you want to know the secret to my pregnancy and post-pregnancy weight gain there you have it! They're really so, so, so good though. I think I'm a bit addicted so its a good thing I only get to Costco every two to three weeks.


Doesn't she make everything beautiful?? I love Lauren's graphic skills. This one especially!

Happy Wednesday all!
Go see Hallie and all the fab fives!


  1. Woah. I hope Tom and Lorenzo get paid for such in-depth analysis! Very interesting!

  2. Tom and Lorenzo blow my mind. I'm also addicted to the morning-after Mad Men recaps - mostly Slate, but I can't get enough. Any other recommendations?

  3. I love that Jane Austen graphic. And Sense and Sensibility is one of my favorites.

  4. I too was SO happy to find the "Hi!" picture of Pope Francis in the Magnificat. I added it to a small home altar on top of a bookshelf in my bedroom so it's the first thing I see in the morning, along with an Icon of Jesus and a photo of Our Lady Untier of Knots ( a favorite of mine and also of the Pope - glad to know I'm tracking with such a holy man).


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