Monday, June 10, 2013

A day late, and a full skirt-length short...

I'm back-cause I'm wearing a skirt!

Ok everyone, let's all collectively try to believe that the "midi" skirt length works on me.

And I even went all out with a pleated midi skirt. I'm not quite sure if I can pull off this trend because it makes me feel even shorter than I am but I guess thats what heels, or in my case very stable wedges, are for. I feel like this outfit still needed "something", maybe a better necklace or lack of belt. But I'm just starting on this midi train, it might take some practice. Of course I'm also implementing my tried and true fashion version of "put a bird on it" with "put chambray on it". I really like chambray because they go with everything. And I clearly love me a colourful skirt so they're perfect.

I got this skirt from a giveaway I won from Hallie so its officially awesome.

The chillin's were fairly good in Mass.

Nora-great, even lasted the whole of Mass with a mini explosion in her pants yet didn't get it on mom's wwis outfit, so double points!
Max-a solid F for failing, flailing, and wailing. And throwing daddy's wallet a good two pews away.
Luke-actually not a bad Mass for him, almost fell asleep on the floor during the after Mass reading of a letter from the Bishop
Dom-not excellent, made a piano out of hymnals on the kneeler 
Gemma-coerced into said piano playing, but stood up and said the Creed and Our Father so I let it slide.

So there we have it. A riveting wrap-up, go visit FLAP ladies for better fashion efforts, and Grace for better kids! 


  1. We were totally twins this week! I think midi skirts work on us shorties as long as they hit that magic point between the knee and the largest part of the calf, so you're good (I learned this from Victoria Beckham... Is that weird?). They just need heels/wedges and you've got that covered! I love this as a skirt length though, because I can cross my legs without having to tug my skirt down!

  2. I love the skirt, but can't do the midi length thing to save my life . . . though the dress I wore this week kinda fell into that category by accident. I swear it used to fall just below my knee but in the photos it seemed longer. Perhaps I'm shrinking? ;o)

  3. So pretty!! I LOVE the skirt too.

  4. You look great! I love the color of that skirt!

  5. I had to giggle at "very stable wedges"! I think I'm entering that phase of life where "very stable wedges" are becoming my best friends! Anyway, I think you pulled off the pleats and the midi AND the tucked chambray very well! And I think you pulled them off so well that you made the right call by doing an understated belt instead of an overpowering statement necklace, imho :)

  6. Aren't chambray shirts great? I never thought I'd love them as much as I do! And it pairs so well with that fabulous skirt!

  7. I had to google "midi skirt" when I read this. I think I can officially say I am hopeless when it comes to fashion. But I love this combo!

  8. Chambray pretty much does go with everything! You look lovely!

  9. Midi skirt works great on you! And I LOVE the color.

  10. When midi skirts were first in fashion (in the early 70's) they went to halfway between your knees and your ankles - a VERY odd stopping place! The skirt you're wearing would have been the normal (read REQUIRED) length for all skirts and dresses worn by girls in high school in the late 60s - if you showed up in something shorter (which was unlikely since you couldn't buy anything shorter) you'd be sent home. Of course pants of ANY length were completely unthinkable.


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