Sunday, May 26, 2013

wiws-I'm still alive!

So its been months since I've linked up with the FLAP ladies, I fell off the wagon to have a baby and then spared everyone my postpartum "outfits".

I  called those postpartum outfits "dark sack #1" and "dark sack #2". But yesterday I actually went to a little effort for Mass and thought I should at least document all that effort!

I think this could be my worst photo shoot ever. 

But it was a beautiful, post rainy day night.

And I had a beer.

See? I'm a terrible model. Thank goodness there were no close-ups.

And I definitely coulda used some heels but instead opted for the leopard print flats because they're uber-comfy and for some reason I still haven't mastered carrying a horrible baby car seat in anything else but flats...geezz Christy...five babies and you still haven't figured that out??!!

I look much more tipsy than I really was.

Do I think this outfit would be much better if I was 10-15 lbs of pregnancy weight free? Most definitely. But life is also too short to keep wearing dark sacks post preggo. 

Happy Trinity Sunday everyone! One of my favourite feasts, I think because I just love the mystery of the Trinity. Still completely mysterious to me and I've sat through quite a few theology classes on it. But I like that, I like knowing I'll never really get it. I like knowing God is a trinity of persons! 

This was my first Sunday back at the helm of doing music at Mass once again. The husband gets an A for effort with keeping 5 kids in line while I'm at the organ. We somewhat joke about the fact that we need to put five-point harnesses in our pew to keep our kids in line. Max only escaped the pew once and shot across the front of the church to St. Joseph. Nora slept thank goodness. And the other three only fought a menial amount of times. So that was all probably one giant miracle. 


  1. Looking great Christy! Love the outfit!

  2. Christy! You look so great! Pshaw on the pregnancy weight disclaimer! I think my favorite part of your ensamble is the beer. Well, your necklace and the beer!

  3. You look great! And I had no idea Canada could get so GREEN! I've only been following since the winter, clearly I didn't realize that winter could ever end for you :P

  4. I agree with everybody that you look great! And I love how the colors in your skirt, cardigan and necklace! The cold weather just ended for us in Michigan too and I'm addicted to bright at the moment! So much fun!

  5. So beautiful. what a fun outfit! And the clouds in those pictures are amazing!

  6. Oh my goodness, such a cute and colorful outfit! I love your hair and glasses!

  7. I'm going to ditto every thing Allie said and add I love the beer on the deck too! You deserve it.

  8. You look aaaaaaamazing, your deck/beer/setting sun combo looks heavenly, and your stomach looks FLAT. You had a baby like 5 minutes ago and your stomach is flat. Ponder on that for a minute...

  9. Oh!! I love color! Yes, dark sack-ness lasted way WAY too long after my first. Like, a year too long (horrid). This time around it was more like six months. Yie! It's such a glorious Sunday when you get that sort of, idk, human, element back! I totally missed the boat that you play organ - what a cool talent! My husband is a keyboardist and has been asked to play for mass, but I totally wave the white flag of surrender and beg him to stay in the pew with me. Poor thing. I'm probably keeping him from earning all sorts of musical graces! Harnesses in pews is amazingly genius. Your deck and back yard remind me of when I visited Yosemite Park, here in the US = Gorgeous!! And as for carseat carrying - I revolt once the baby hits about 10lbs and either extract baby and move him/her into a carrier OR let my charming husband do the lugging; Although we are just at two kids right now, when we reach five, he might be better off chasing toddlers and me lugging an infant. :)

  10. That's the kind of color combo we do a LOT in Mexico - so uplifting to the emotions! And don't sell yourself short - you have the most lovely peaches and cream complexion I've ever seen on a living human being - that comes through even in your "worst photo ever"!

  11. You look beautiful, Christy! And I'm so happy you got to relax a bit with a beer, much deserved ;)


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