Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Five Favourites For the First Time!

Joining dear Hallie for the first time! Hallie started this linkup when I was one million weeks pregnant, a time where literally nothing is your favourite. But I've recovered enough to jump on board!

(However, I'm definitely spelling 'favourite' the proper Canadian way.)

This is my Everyday Luxuries five favs!

But it can also be called my five favrourite buys from Homesense, otherwise known as Homegoods to you Americanos. I don't get out to shop often, obviously, but I have a deep abiding love for Homesense. It makes me happy just to walk down the aisles because everything is beautiful. I love finding treasures there too. Plus its five minutes away from my in-laws house where they're usually watching my children so I can almost always squeeze a quick five minute trip in while I'm in the city! I buy all these regularly from Homesense at what I think are great prices. Each of these is under $10 but our homes and ourselves are worth a little treat every once in a while, or everyday!


My favourite bubble bath, Scottish Fine Soaps Au Lait. Its got a great scent that's clean yet not flowery yet not too too old lady. Actually my husband may have complained about old lady smell in the past...but I still love it! Its very creamy...I guess because its milky...and makes lots of great bubbles which I think is essential in bubble bath. Haven't you had a "bubble bath" product that made crap bubbles?? One of life's biggest disappointments.


This is Pecksniff's Freesia and Poppy Fresh Linen Spray. I've talked about this before and I still love it a lot! It makes your bed smell like England...or how I think England would smell. Or at the very least what the sheets in Downton Abbey smell like. Its heavenly and makes getting into a fresh clean bed so much more satisfying! Or making old, sour breastmilk smelling sheets passable. Not going to lie.


Flora and Fauna candles. These make the whole house smell wonderful, last a long time, and are soy candles so they aren't going to give you various forms of cancer...supposedly. I always buy these in the clearance candle section at Homesense and I've never had a scent I didn't like. They're exotic yet not perfume-y smelling. Everyone says that lighting a good candle enhances your home, you hear it everywhere, but I've really come to love it. I think its a complete girly thing because my husband totally doesn't get it, but lighting a beautiful candle at night while I drink a glass of wine while watching home improvement television after the children have been locked in bed is one of my few pleasures!  I also really love Paddywax candles which are also in the clearance section all the time as well.


So something I refuse to compromise on is really good hand soap. I love this French soap so much. The best smell, leaves your hands feeling velvety and clean. I don't find it that expensive because it seems to last a long time. It lifts the spirits on those days when every child is sick and poops a million times warranting your hands being washed a billion times. And I have only freaked out occasionally when a certain boy decides he needs a gallon of soap to wash his hands.


Homesense has the cheapest prices on this chocolate. I know because I've become chemically dependent on expensive chocolate and try to buy it everywhere I go. But you can pick up these bars for almost half the price at Homesense than even Wal-Mart. These are my two very favourites. The caramel and sea salt is one of God's greatest creations.

Now I want chocolate.

Go see Hallie and everyone else with the great favs!


  1. "lighting a beautiful candle at night while I drink a glass of wine while watching home improvement television after the children have been locked in bed is one of my few pleasures"

    Hi, let's go on a mom date together.

  2. I love that you did a 5 favs post, and that you used the "proper Canadian" spelling! That just made my Wednesday!

  3. Homesense/HomeGoods is the best store ever and I haven't been there in forever...

  4. The Canadian spelling is of course the proper one. :)

    That is awesome intel on the cheap Lindt chocolate at Homesense. (I had caramel and sea-salt chocolate on my FF last week.)

  5. So fun! I totally believe in treating ourselves and feeding ourselves well. One body to make it 70+ years (and bearing forth children) = begin pampering immediately. :)

  6. I love Pecksniff's soooooo much! I didn't know they made linen spray...

    And bubble bath is the best. My husband just got me a lavender bath set from L'occitane for our Anniversary. I can't wait to indulge just a little.

  7. I, too, love to haunt the aisles at Homegoods! I have recently found them and try to go a couple of times a month to pick up candles, bath & body products, and anything else that catches my eye. I agree that the Scottish Fine Soaps smell divine...and the Body Butter is just amazing! It softens my skin without making it sticky or greasy. Love, love, love it! Great post!

  8. I saw the Pecksniff's at TJMaxx after reading this post and I thought of buying some!

  9. "lighting a beautiful candle at night while I drink a glass of wine while watching home improvement television after the children have been locked in bed"
    Yes! This! This is one of my only pleasures lately!!!!


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