Friday, May 17, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 43 - Let's Complain!

Joining Jen in the complain-a-thon! And I love it!
I'm sure everyone else has much worse things to complain about so go join the pity party!


In breaking news this week-all I do is take care of children!! 
I know. Totally not news. But I swear this week its been getting to me. Its the all night, all day of constantly doing stuff for them thats really starting to bring me down. And constantly is not even a stretch, not even one little bit. The past few days I feel as if its all kids, all the time - barely managing to get to the bathroom type stuff.
I've got the newborn who demands nourishment from my body every three hours, then I've got to get to the 16 month old who can't do anything for himself (lets face it) and who is constantly destroying something or making some kind of mess, then I bounce to the three year old who is constantly coming up with new and elaborate plans to involve as many siblings as possible in as many hair-brained ideas in a game of "lets see how much we can do until mom decides to discipline", add in the four year old who is constantly tattling on others, a five year old who never stops asking questions or for explanations for her imaginary world that only she really knows the answer to, and you've got me who didn't stand a chance from the start.
But it really is going from one situation to the next while simultaneously containing the others. All day. No breaks. Exhausting. Its mothering at a very low level of efficiency thats for sure. And I wonder why I can't even wash dishes for more than five straight minutes? Or how I can accomplish quite so little in the span of the twelve hours my husband's gone? 
And don't think I'm being all holy and offering up this type of sacrifice! I think my prayer life is at an all time zero. I'm basically praying at night in the 5.4 seconds it takes for me to fall asleep when I turn off the lights and my head hits the pillow. "Oh hey God please help me to pray a little more tomor....zzzzzzz." Its illuminating.


Next on the complain train: NFP.
There is still no progress in my getting a better handle on whats going on with my body via NFP doctors. I honestly think I'm going to have to go to medical school in order to get a medical professional to take me and my wacko reproductive system seriously. But by the time I'd finish medical school I'd be way past menopause so it would be useless.
Also; there needs to be a NFP pope. Someone to declare what science, or what method, or whatever, is legit and the real and true right way so there can be no more arguing and dismissing of each other. Because I am completely tired of people who supposedly have a lot of knowledge about NFP completely dismissing me when they learn I use one method. They hear I don't have an infertility problem and thus come up with the completely revolutionary idea that I don't have health issues I must be too stupid to chart properly and would be perfectly fine if I just switched to their method. Over seven years of experience charting diligently doesn't matter. Looking at my charts doesn't matter. The idea that I've had five kids in five years; no big deal, she wouldn't be interested or knowledgeable in both her own body or the science of NFP....Ooohhh nooooo this woman just needs to switch methods that'll fix everything! I seriously am going to start presenting my symptoms/charting before telling people I have five kids because it presents almost the same as many women experiencing infertility issues but no one seems to think it worth investigating when I experience the opposite problem.
Actually I'm just starting to believe maybe I am a complete dunce and have no idea how to chart and the past seven years have accumulated zero knowledge of my body or NFP. Maybe I should just call it quits and accept the idea God wants me to be the next Mrs. Dugger. I guess if I did that I'd at least be free of all this NFP aggro!
Ok...I'm making myself stop now.


My mom and siblings are gone for a week to New England to attend my other sister's college graduation from a fancy Catholic college. Which is fun for them, not fun for me who gets her only break from toddles by going over to their house just down the road and begging for babysitting! By some alignment of the stars however, instead of my husband having to work overtime the entire time they would be gone he's gotten an extra day off so this weekend has turned into a four day long weekend. WIN!


I did manage to get to the greenhouse this afternoon. My first time out of la casa all week-yay for another adult being around! Which is a favourite annual event for me. I love picking out colourful flowers to perk up things around the house. I also like complaining that my poor flowers are only going to last a couple of short months because we live in the sub-arctic. Seriously, I was pumped yesterday when I realized it hadn't froze at night for almost a week and could start thinking about planting a garden. These a low expectations people.


My little peanut is almost smiling! I think she may have a serious streak because she doesn't seem to into yet. I love the newborn first attempts at smiling. They smile with their eyes. Then try to form a smile with their mouths and lips. But doing both together at the same time looks like it takes them so much work! They're hilarious. She's almost two months old. How does this happen?! Why does life with a newborn feel like a blur of one long day put together?? This week I hardly knew what day of the week it was.


This Girl-and her crazy hair-turns 6 on Sunday! (And check out the fly in my picture, weird no?)

My other little peanut is turning 6 on Sunday!!
That is ridiculous. I remember after she was born being completely unable to imagine having a child that old and that 6 years would be an eternity! And now its gone by so quickly. Six feels like she's not a baby anymore. She's just a kid. Good thing she's great. She only wants cupcakes, cookies, cake, ice cream, and fruit for her birthday dessert. French toast for her birthday breakfast and a request just came in for Kraft Dinner for lunch. A consummate gourmand.


In addition, I'm turning 28 on Monday. When I have a baby at 21, I like to have it one day before turning 22....or that was what I thought at the time I'm sure.
Its a holiday Monday which is nice, so the husband will be home, I'm going to sleep in a little and then my plan for after that is to watch the whole of Season One of Veronica Mars while drinking ALL the margaritas! Come over and we'll party!

Happy weekend everyone-and everyone in Canada have an awesome Victoria Day loooonnnggg weekend!


  1. Ok, 5 kids before 28-- you are my new hero.
    I felt like this was the perfect blend of tough stuff and good stuff (better than my only complaining post). You are amazing, simply amazing.

    And happy early birthday!!!

  2. I feel you on the need to complain - today I went downstairs to pee and get changed and my back was hurting so much that I wanted to lie down for a second but then I thought, "No, I just had a break - I used the toilet without being interrupted!"

    Then I realized how ridiculous my life is that peeing alone is a break.

    Happy almost birthday!

  3. Echoing Anna over here...hero for sure. My prayer life has been so rough, and I have one exterior charge. Sorry about the NFP woes :( although, I think you'd make an awesome Catholic version of Mrs. Duggar ;)

  4. Oh my goodness...this was freaking hilarious. You are such a strong mama! Even on those days you don't feel like it. But seriously? Your writing is awesome :) happy early birthday to you, lady!

  5. You. Are. Amazing. And your little Nora--oh my!--so adorable. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that you get a chance to recharge your batteries.

  6. Oh lady! I wish I could say I don't relate to this at all.....but I do! 3 under 3 and I am completely right there with you. And yet, my mom just asked me tonight if I would have more and without hesitating I said Yes! 5 more! I know, we are crazy but so blessed to. Hugs to you mama, I will keep you in my prayers :)

  7. Have you looked into whether you are ovulating twice per cycle? I am sure this is what led to the conception of my second son, because there should have been no way I was fertile the day he was conceived. Here is a link talking about it:

    Also, are you familiar with Managers of Their Chores and Managers of Their Homes? The Managers of Their Chores program helps us get through the morning routine. So my sons' chores are eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, etc but they can go through the routine on their own without me hounding them. The same at bedtime. We started with it when my oldest was 3. These organizational programs are designed for moms of many, but I find them helpful with only 2 littles.

    And Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday! Praise God for a long weekend!!! I hope that those kids entertain themselves with non-hazardous methods of play on your birthday! Maybe you and your hubby can have a conversation (totally a big deal in my house!). :)

  9. Oh man, 5 kids 5 and under and before 28! I think that officially makes you a rockstar. Your kids are beautiful! Hang in there. And happy birthday!

  10. I love you. Seriously. You just described my entire week with that first take... I've got a newborn and a 4 & 3 year old (boys) who are on a never ending quest to destroy our house... and my husband travels frequently weeks at a time so yay...and nfp...ahhhhhh...the joys of learning just how unique we really are ;-) Oh and your little one is just so cute!!!! Hang in there, have a margarita and Happy Birthday!

  11. Come July I'll have 5 kids 5 and under too and everyone tells me it's just because I don't use Creighton. I want to punch those people. Perhaps you are in a better place than I in that you are okay with being the Duggars. My husband and I are preparing ourselves for a long, long time of abstinence.

  12. found your blog via jen f. great stuff! i have four and a two month old--i identify. some days it is just completely horrible. no sugarcoating it. i don't even know what to say.

    nfp--yup. it can be so confusing--and once we think we get it figured out, our bodies go and change on us. (my situation.) greeeeeat.

    anyway, hang in there i guess. ;)

  13. If you have five kids under five, there's a good chance that you haven't accumulated enough NFP knowledge, because you probably didn't have more than three months of charting before you got pregnant again. In the past seven years, I haven't had more than three or four months of charting before I got pregnant again (twice unintentionally, once intentionally).

    Whatever method you are using, you may need to abstain until phase III for at least six months, because your cycle can still be making major adjustments over the first six months after the return of fertility. The point where Phase I turns into Phase II is when most surprise pregnancies occur.

    At least, I hope that works for me this time. :-)

  14. With you there on #1 and #2!! I'm so tired of explaining to people that I'm a diligent charter and tracker of fertility signs, and I'm still having babies! (Five in six years...)

    Anyway, hang in there, mama! You are doing great.

  15. I was just thinking this morning--after five kids shouldn't I have things more together? When does it get easier? And mine are older than yours--ages 9 to 9 mos. I would never trade it but it does get very overwhelming. Great post!

  16. I hope this doesn't sound rude, (and feel free not to answer if it does), but is it against church teachings for the husband to pull out? Seems like that might be a good way to keep intimacy intact while reducing conception possibility (while still keeping the possibility for life within the marital act).

    1. Yes Jaime, it is against Church teaching for the husband to pull out.

    2. Yes Jaime, it is against Church teaching for the husband to pull out.

  17. "a five year old who never stops asking questions or for explanations for her imaginary world that only she really knows the answer to"

    Ah, I'm not alone. I also love when my kids fight about "rules" in their "made up games".

  18. Sorry to enter more annoying NFP advice but have you looked at the Marquette Model. It uses the Clear Blue fertility monitor so it uses actual hormonal levels in urine instead of unreliable signs of fertility like mucus or temperature

  19. Sorry to enter more annoying NFP advice but have you looked at the Marquette Model. It uses the Clear Blue fertility monitor so it uses actual hormonal levels in urine instead of unreliable signs of fertility like mucus or temperature

  20. Wracked with silent, don't-draw-the-childrens-attention, laughter at that first paragraph. Also, I must REALLY love myself because this all sounded so me, and it made my heart a'splode. :-)

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