Friday, May 24, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 44?

Joining Jen-with-a-Publisher this week for the Quick Takes. Can't wait for her book...


I survived another week! But in actuality I really only survived 1 day. Which is kinda awesome! It was the long weekend so the husband was home Monday which was a nice change of pace, Tuesday was the only full day I had with all the kids, then Wednesday the grandparents came out to pick up the three oldest for a little grandparent trip to the city for two days! Its nice for them to get out, because I'm still not there yet. I honestly don't know when I'll be at the point of taking all five out by myself for no good reason, like "socializing" or "activities". We can all hope it happens within the next six months, but I'm not going to sign anything to that effect!


Also in the "not getting out" category-I'm still pretty hindered by the nursing infant. It takes so much energy and organization it seems to always have her fed and ready to go if I want to do anything at all. I'm fairly used to this (see 5 kids in 5 years) but it still is so tiring! I can hardly get to the city and go to Costco in a day what with the nursing before we leave, nursing as soon as we get to the city, nursing before we leave the city, it seems like a lot and I get so little done, and I'm so tired by the end of the day! I know I know...I could pump...but ick...I hate it, I hate the thought of it...and then my husband said well if you really wanted to go out and have a couple hours of alone time you'd pump...but I'm back to ick. So breastfeeding. The longest love/hate relationship of my life. 


At the same time I know I'm not getting out much or doing much of anything I still try to put it in perspective that my baby is only two months old. I think its important to realize that newborn life is important. It changes your schedule, it changes what you can do, but its important. You're home, you're focused on just getting through the day taking care of your baby (and other babies) as best you can and that's about it. You are focusing on a tiny new life that just recently exited the womb where it was growing intensely for nine months. You have to get to know your little baby. Their personality, their needs, their weird sleep patterns. And the baby is adapting to you, and everyone, and life outside the womb! I just think its a big deal. It shouldn't be something that doesn't cause disruption. It should be revered and not something where a mom/family feels pressure to be back up to 100% productivity and busy-ness. 
End rant.


Ana had a beautiful post yesterday on mothering babies close in age.
It made such great points that a crazy life brings a lot more benefits and offers a lot of opportunities for personal growth than the alternative. I think more than anything being a mom, and especially a mom to a lot of babies very close in age, offers constant opportunity to grow in humility. I don't think a day goes by where I don't come face to face my own tiny limitations. I realize daily that I can't love unconditionally in every moment, I need help, I need to learn to accept grace to love. I realize I make a lot of mistakes, I get angry, I have no patience, I'm lazy. Humility begins when you see your own faults and brings you to just asking God for more grace, relying on God more.
Humility is like the gateway virtue. Its the one that gets you on the path of developing all the other virtues. And being a mom to a bunch of babies definitely gets you growing a lot more virtues than you thought possible! Fortitude-try living days then months with a screaming baby who never sleeps at night. You'd think it impossible until you get through it with your own child. Patience? Try listening all day to your three year old ask about 1000 questions. Wisdom? How about the realization that your child may not be at the same pace as other kids their age in some stage of development, but trusting your heart in the knowledge that your child will be just fine, give them time. The list could go on all day! And although I'm in no way perfect in any or all virtues, I'd be so much worse at developing them without being a mom. My heart would be so much smaller.


Since this 7 quick takes is turning into a parenting book I should send you to this post by Haley that I loved this week about the smug mom syndrome.
 Thank goodness God sent me two very colic-y/difficult infants to begin my mothering career! I was instantly put in my place as soon as I had a baby! No smug-ness for me! But I also remember sooo many days AND nights crying and crying through such difficult baby times. It is such a rough ride when you have babies who cry all. the. time. Until you experience it you really don't understand how soul-crushing it can feel. 


Another great thing about having kids close together is the built-in entertainment of siblings! Case in point Max the last two days the older kids have been gone. He's been wandering the house looking for things to destroy then miserably searching for me. He doesn't quite know what to do with himself without his older siblings providing endless entertainment options, even if those options are just rolling on the ground wrestling. He seems a little lost. And he's driving me a little crazy! But he is getting a little more mommy time and has been having such a great time this week outside. I just let him wander and its kinda hilarious. He walks around like a funny drunkard. No straight lines. Plopping down in dirt. Throwing rocks. Throwing moose poop. I probably shouldn't let him do that last one.


I'm looking forward to and hoping that it rains this weekend! I love rain. Alberta is classified as sub-arid I think so rain is few and far between and its been awfully dry so far this May. And I really don't know why I comment so much on the boring for you...But since its raining this weekend and my husband and I don't get out...see above...I would love some tv show recommendations! We watch all the good shows, but have we missed something? What are your favourites? And keep in mind I've got peasant rural internet and can't afford to stream anything, so I'm dying a little on the inside not being able to watch Arrested Development this weekend on Netflix!

Happy long weekend my American friends! 


  1. "Humility is the gateway virtue."


    Motherhood has been the most humbling experience of my life and that humbling has opened up my heart to a greater capacity for empathy and understanding.

  2. You're so sweet, thanks for the shout out. You hit the humility nail on the head, I totally agree!!

    I cannot wait for AD!

  3. peasant rural internet. Lol. That sounds like a legit system. Also, filing away #2 for a few months from now. Newborns are earth-shakers.

  4. Hi, thanks for popping into my brain/endless rambling text messages to husband/endless rambling emails expounding on text messages sent to my husband. My 10 month old is going through...something..idk but im like so ready to throw in all towels and give up on everything (I'm not dramatic, not at all and I'm definitely not texting my husband about experimenting with goats milk in desperation for a night of sleep) so anyway. i still see that first year of life as adjusting. So many moms i know give themselves six weeks...i give myself a year. bogus? i hope not!

  5. I soo understand what you mean by a baby who crys all the time. No3 had reflex and screamed and screamed, husband worked all the time!! I had 3 under 4 (not as close as yours) and one day Miss 4 said, "can we send him back?" broke my heart.

  6. Love #2. Lovelovelovelovelove. So important to remember, so easy to forget.

    1. That should be #3. I feel the same way about two! But three....yes.

  7. I always love your quick takes, Christy. <3

    Haley @ Carrots

  8. #3--thanks for the reminder about the newborn season! I always feel that I need to "get back to normal" and my babies tend to be hugely inefficient nursers, which exacerbates things, but it is good to remember that the newborn stage is so fleeting and quick, and frankly, there isn't much that *has* to be done during this time.


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