Friday, September 28, 2012

Seven Quick Takes vol 19.


Well, two straight weeks of the husband working is hopefully coming to an end today. He also worked late every night this week, and its really a ridiculous amount of work to put four of them to bed by yourself. I'm excited to stop sounding like a fishwife. My husband didn't understand my fishwife reference yesterday on the phone, until I had to yell at someone to stop hitting someone else in the other room. Then he was like "Ohhh I get it." Yeah.


It looks like our glorious "fall" will be over by next week. Highs of 6 degrees, not cool. This of course means the six month season of having to dress babies for the outdoors begins. Not my favourite time of year. 


I don't know if you all know this, but Jenny Packam is my glamourous twin seperated at birth. Or at least that's what I'm thinking because not only does she design Kate Middleton's clothes she lives here:

So pretty right??


Aren't we all tired of feminism=pro-choice? 
This week the Canadian Parliament heard a motion that would open debate to when human life legally began, it was of course soundly defeated by our cowardly Members of Parliament, but the biggest controversy it stirred up was the fact that the Minister of the Status of Women voted to approve the motion. Every woman's group who has the word "woman" in it spoke out about how awful she was and how she was "betraying" women and all kinds of ridiculous rhetoric. 
How does the idea of abortion not seem at all harmful to women? Why does it seem as if she must be from another planet to think that maybe we should talk about abortion in this country? I'm a woman, I believe abortion to be destructive to women and obviously their children, why can't she be speaking for me? Sorry not allowed. It exhausts me.


I just bought these leopard flats. I feel like I'm a year behind the trend, but then again I just really love them. I'm going into this behind the trend thing with my eyes wide open everybody! I also bought that scarf, its that perfect coral that whenever I see I have to buy it. Its a disease I have.


You know how the Nester has that great 31 Days series where you write about the same topic for 31 days? Well, I was thinking, "What could I possibly write about for 31 days? Diapers? Ways to bribe your children to clean up their toys? No! Wait! 31 days of random NFP posts!" 
Right?! Wouldn't that be thrilling. Yeah, it would kill the very limited readership I have. 
But I could do it! Trust me.


Happy Michaelmas Everyone! I'm trying to figure out what we should do tomorrow to celebrate, and so far I only want chocolate cake but I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with the Michaelmas tradition. We'll see how it goes.

Don't forget to go to Jen's to see the real deal!


  1. Oh please oh please oh PLEASE do 31 posts on NFP. I will read them all with great delight. I lay in bed in the middle of the night last night plotting how I would write a post a day on NFP for 31 days if I would be so bold to decide to. I think I came up with about 20 right there on the spot. Not that they were clever or interesting necessarily, but NFP is just something I could rant on and on about.

  2. I was going to say the same thing! Hah. Do it.


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