Monday, September 17, 2012

Postcards from my lack of blogging!

Hi. I'm still alive. And am the worst blogger ever right now. Can I blame it on feeling down in the dumps? Also; we've lost the internet at our house due to reaching our monthly limit a full 10 days before a new billing period in our already outrageously expensive high-speed-internet-for-the-middle-of-nowhere. So the husband has laid down his foot, drawn a faint line in the sand of my staggering internet usage, and I've now spent more time cleaning my house in the last week than the previous month combined! But I have no mildly amusing pics of kids for you...consider this an IOU.

We've mostly been hanging around at home. Dom is going through a super hero stage, and proclaims himself "Yuper-Dominic!" on an hourly basis. Gemma insists he's not a superhero in his cape but really a prince charming whom is obligated to play an at least one hour game of "Wedding!" Luke stays out of the argument entirely by dismantling his bed, the baby swing, and a bookshelf downstairs in a fifteen minute span while I change a diaper. Max, is currently enemy number one by having the longest running runny nose in the history of babydom. How is it that a simply runny nose can ruin your life? So  little sleep, so much snot. But I'm trying not to complain obviously. And the husband and I have been trying to stain our deck in the fifteen minutes of nap time we have per weekend, its awful, never. again.

The Pope has been in Lebanon the past three days and I've read and seen nothing about it. But from the headlines that pop across my pope-related facebook feeds it looks interesting and I want to catch up and read everything because it feels so important with what has been happening around the world in the last week. I think there are so many connections between the Pope's Apostolic visits to certain countries at crucial times and his spot-on remarks about political and social circumstances. Obviously we should be paying more attention right?

Ok, Kate Middleton. I feel pretty awful for her and this whole picture fiasco. But then at the same time I have to say she looked fab. How morally two-faced is that?!

And last but not least, a ridiculously funny video my friend posted which is hilarious. You'll love it trust me! And thanks for putting up with my random random today.

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