Friday, September 21, 2012

Seven Quick Takes vol. 18

Heres my very sloppy quick takes. Its all I can muster, I've been doing dishes by hand all week!


So this week at mi casa has been a doozy. The hot water tank died Tuesday so we've been without hot water for what feels like months and months. I've been hauling the dirty minions to my mom's for baths, but the lack of hot water for my kitchen full of dirty dishes has been killer. I've been Laura Ingalls Wilder-ing it by boiling the water. It makes the whole process about 5 hours long.


Theres just nothing quite so demoralizing as adding an extra step to the usual mundane chores. I think thats why I detest camping so much. Why sign yourself up for the extra torture? And then call it fun?! Crazy talk.


We're also having a few windows replaced this week. Which is good because we really need to get rid of "ol' cracky" or our big picture window in the living room which has about a 5 foot crack the whole way through it. Its been that way since...oh...last November! Luckily our children are too young to ask if we're poor and/or why only meth houses have such cracked window panes...


see, disaster!!

But all this window business has left my house a complete disaster. More of a disaster than usual. Its getting to me more than usual. I'm considering running away. Actually, this picture above doesn't even look to different than what my living room normally looks like, just a lot more furniture moved and plastic floating around...huh...


Are my children alone in having strange stomach bugs that only occur during the middle of the night?
For the last two nights Luke has woken us up screaming from his room. We walk in to him covered in vomit and the pleasant dead of night cleanup it entails and then he's fine. And he's completely fine during the day, eats, acts normally, then middle of the night-THROW UP! This has happened to Dominic before as well...its a weird phenomenon. 


I've got no links this week because in all the dishes chaos, the mess, the vomit I've had no spare time to read anything half interesting. And my internet was down until Wednesday. Man...its like I'm living in Siberia or something.


And hold on to your hats everyone-my husband is working ALL. WEEKEND. I'm not sure if I'm going to make it. I would even pack up the kids and try and escape but it seems like everyone we know has really excellent plans so we are going to have to come up with something. And the weather is supposed to be awesome. So that will make me feel doubly guilty when all I want to do is lie around watching Downton or something...

Alrighty, everyone go have a better weekend than I, and check out Jen's real links! 


  1. Oh my gosh you are a saint, woman! Boiling water for dishes?! I hope that gets fixed soon! Totally sucks having nice weather but no husband to help you enjoy it all weekend...I am really really hoping I don't feel your pain this weekend! Good luck!

  2. Aw man! Even Chuck has this Sunday off! (thank goodness since his text weekend off is thanksgiving ...) If it wasnt a 7 hour round trip I would definitely come for a visit and our kiddlets could entertain themselves as we over do it on delicious coffee (or other things)

  3. Laura Ingalls Wilder.


    well guess who won some new wedges?!!?


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