Monday, January 30, 2012

Anthropologie loafers to Artisan bread to scrubbing walls.

I just wanted to first confess my love for these Anthro loafers. I think I would wear these everyday. I'm torn between the polka dots and the zebra print...I love me some zebra print!

I just spent a half hour and almost a whole magic eraser cleaning my mom's walls from where Luke went on a pencil "drawing" rampage on Friday. He's now being taught to repeat "I can draw only on paper, I can draw only on paper..."
I got out of the house on Friday! It was momentous. The hubby and I got to go shopping a little. He has obviously been feeling sorry for me not being able to get out of the house for the last month or so to even consider shopping with me, but it was very nice of him! He quashed every attempt I made at buying anything white ceramic...

And I read Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day over the weekend (clearly there was no football and I was thus left with free time to not wallow on the couch). Now I'm totally pumped to become a bread making nerd! This book is so intense and talks about things like keeping your crumb moist. I sounds dirty...but I'm pretty sure it isn't and its just related to baking bread. So hopefully this week I can put this strange enthusiasm into practice...I'll let ya know!



  1. So glad you got out of the house!!! It's nice to do every now and then, eh?
    I'm very interested in seeing how your bread making turns out!

  2. I would totally get the polka dot or zebra print as well. Chuck would laugh at me and make some kind of comment about my usual "bad taste and bad sense in shoes"... but that's ok. Right? Also - this bread stuff sounds fantastic. I'm going to have to look into this book. I love baking bread. Good luck with that!

  3. So I found your blog. Fun!

    I keep seeing these loafers in the fashion world and can't get the 80's out of my mind. I need to see an outfit with the shoes to see how one would pull it together because all I see is big hair, baggy pants, wide belts and lots of lipstick. I'm glad at least some of the 80's has been softened up a bit (like the hair), but I don't think I could pull off these shoes. You totally could Christy! But then, I'm getting old, aren't I, that I remember the shoes being in style last time around?

    Happy bread baking!


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