Friday, January 20, 2012

More Great Mothering Inspiration!

I just wanted to pop by and give some blog love to a couple more great articles written about the thrive/survive reality of motherhood. Over at Faith & Family Arwen Mosher has written a great article about thriving in motherhood and makes the great point that we should acknowledge how much we do during a day, and how we should not let the outside world define "thriving". 

This is a great reminder. I may not get all of my fantasy wants and desires fitted into my day, but chances are I've changed a lot of diapers, made some decent meals, and hopefully treated my kids with some love, kindness, and patience. Heck, somedays I feel accomplished by just the last on the list. 

Also; its good to set goals by priority of how you enjoy different things. Sometimes one of my daily goals is to do some reading. I'm a nerd. I feel better about myself if I get half an hour of reading in. Sometimes its cooking. I love cooking but hardly ever find time to devout to a new recipe, but if I make it a priority or a goal for just one day I can usually pull off some magic and get it accomplished. It really makes a great improvement to your attitude to do something you want to do and to actually get it done. Yes, these are little goals, but when you have small kids and are in the grind of the middle of the week these small things make a huge difference!

Over at Betty Beguiles Hallie writes a beautiful post on how the survival/thrive periods of motherhood can look a lot like the feasting and fasting seasons of the Church. I love the idea that as God calls us to extreme self sacrifice at different times in motherhood but also calls us to rejuvenation and joy at all times as well. I can testify to this and think its such an important reality that we shouldn't lose sight of. I really don't want to lose sight of the idea of different seasons in motherhood, because I've been in the trenches of pregnancy,birth, postpartum, nursing-repeat, repeat, repeat, for the last 4 years. Sometimes I swear there can't be anything other than baby and toddlerhood. But there are different seasons, keep telling me that!

Go read and have a wonderful weekend!!

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