Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Unplanned by Abby Johnson

A director of a Planned Parenthood clinic quitting and joining a pro-life group sounds impossible but Abby Johnson tells this near miraculous story in Unplanned. The book chronicles her beginnings in Planned Parenthood, which initially began as volunteer work during college, up to the point where she was running a clinic and privy to Planned Parenthood's push to raise abortion numbers to increase revenue. Her dramatic conversion to the pro-life position came after being present during an ultra-sound guided abortion, however, after reading the book it is amazing to see how God began working towards her conversion from much earlier. 

I think this book is a must read for everyone no matter which side of this divisive issue they find themselves. Both sides are presented fairly, both with the good and bad, but are shown to be much more than the stereotypes that they are often perceived. As I've always been pro-life, I appreciated the telling of what people who work for Planned Parenthood think. Mostly, Abby writes of her former co-workers and herself, as wanting to help women and families in crisis through the Planned Parenthood clinic they worked for. Often thinking that abortion was the worst case scenario, but a necessary alternative. The real power of a peaceful and loving witness found in the pro-life protesters outside of Abby's clinic are a testament to how powerful this kind of pro-life action can be. Through love and prayer the truth does reach hearts. I believe this book will continue to do great things for the pro-life movement.

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