Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A little Easter.

Look out! Here's some pictures from our Easter. Pardon my bad camera skills. I also had a ton of egg dying pictures but they turned a little dark so I couldn't post them. They don't do justice to Dominic's unbridled enthusiasm towards dying eggs. Seriously, he loved it so much he has asked to do it everyday since.


Here's the best family shot we could muster. Your welcome.

I love getting pictures of their little feet. They're precious.

Dom despises being forced to pose. He takes after his father. But Gemma and Luke look enamoured with whomever they're gazing at. 

I like little Luke's face here. Tell him to stop growing! He also had to hold his hockey stick to participate.

And here is the post egg hunt shot where we tried desperately to put some real food into them. Its also the only time I could get them to all wear their bunny ears at the same time, later I would wear them to bake some Easter cupcakes. It was a great Easter.


  1. Ahh these kids make me soo happy! Dom is such a little male model!

  2. Thanks Kelly-don't you love how I make them dress up as bunnies!


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